When The Great Indian Parliament Turned Into A House Of Chaos!

House of chaos on religious conversion in india – The Rajya Sabha chaos for protests on religious conversions is not the first time Indian Parliament has experienced a chaotic scenario.

The on-going chaos in the Rajya Sabha due to the Opposition’s demand of a statement from PM Narendra Modi on the mass religious conversions has disrupted the functioning for the fourth day.

The Rajya Sabha adjourning thing is not the first time Indian Parliament has experienced a chaotic scenario. Indian Parliament is actually an amalgamation of all type of emotions and actions that is beyond imagination.

Sometimes the emotions run too wild or the expressions get too vivid. Let us look at some historic instances that took place inside our Constitutional bodies:

22nd October 1997, U.P. State Assembly had witnessed a fish market ruckus:

From microphones to chairs, these MLAs were hurling possibly everything that they could lay their hands on.

Also see the way they were ducking after hitting others.

5th September, 2012: Fist fight drama

Literally going physical the two MPs fought seemingly oblivion to the fact that the entire nation was watching them.

The fight was over a Quota Bill between BSP and SP members Avtaar Singh Kareempuri and Naresh Agarwal respectively.

13th December 2012: The quota bill attracted more drama in Rajya Sabha

Watch this video where the deputy chairman P. J. Kurien is fed up and asks the two members Arvind Kumar Singh and Chaudhary Munabbar Saleem to leave the house at 5mins 2secs

The ‘aarakshan’ nahi chalega chant goes on like some background score and does not stop even when the Deputy Chairman pleads (yes he literally has to plead) to stop.

Finally he asks them to withdraw from the house but bad students don’t follow rules. So he explains them “As per rule 255 I am asking…withdraw from the house.”

The chaos still doesn’t fade. The deputy chairman is totally fed up and rises from his chair to make his point.

6th March 2013: Apart from fights and chants, sometimes the nation gets to witness ‘mehfil-e-parliament’:

Manmohan Singh and Sushma Swaraj get into a ‘shaayarana’ (poetic) argument:

Talking of gestures and talks how can we miss the famous ‘baith jaayiye’ line by Meira Kumar when she was the Speaker of Lok Sabha…

Watch this below video where she helplessly chants ‘sit down, baith jaayiye’ to let Sushma Swaraj speak out.

Here is a comedy compilation of Mamta Banerjee putting her points and Meira Kumar coming in glimpse with her trademark ‘sit down;:

13th February, 2014: Pepper spray attack in Lok Sabha:

As if micro phones and fists weren’t enough to display the protests, MPs took to pepper sprays and broken glasses.

This was to oppose the passing of ‘Telangana’ bill.

The Constitutional bodies are supposed to be on a respected level but these incidents if not controlled then the entire Nation would continue to witness the low.

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