Beware! Hindu Terrorism Is On The Rise!

Hindu terrorism is on the rise – Recent incident in Hyderabad is one of the many racist attacks in India where Hindus have raped and killed Christians.

The world turned to mourning with Taliban’s brutal attack on innocent lives in the army school in Peshawar.

Before this mourning period could end and the souls of children could rest in peace, evangelical Christians were beaten by Hindu militants who did not even leave the pastor.

This recent incident in Hyderabad is one of the many racist attacks in India where Hindus have raped and killed Christians.  

The outrage took place when fifteen church members and their families were singing Christmas carols, which seriously injured the pastor and four others, according to reports.


The Hindu mob apparently smashed the windows of the vehicle that the Christians had hired for the evening festivities and brought the Christians into the street by dragging them all the way from the Church to beat them to a critical condition.

Claiming that the Christians are forcefully trying to convert people to Christianity by singing Christmas Carols, the ‘Hindu radicals’ sparked the violence. The Hindus have come to this end that Dharam Jagran Samiti (DJS) leader, Rajeshwar Singh has incited controversy by saying that they will get rid of Christianity and Islam by December 31, 2021, either by converting all Christians and Muslims to Hindus or forcing them to run away from India.

The DJS had also reportedly planned a programme in Aligarh on Christmas for converting Christians into Hindus on a mass scale, which has been suspended temporarily but would be resumed soon, if Singh is to be believed.

The religious reconversion (ghar wapsi) programmes especially by DJS have also seen many Muslims ‘reconverted’ to Hinduism as the Hindu Samiti believes that the Muslims and Christians do not have a right to stay here.

Ghar wapsi has been ongoing since the last sixty years.


A country where Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Savarkar have asserted their worries related to religious conversions and in the nation that proudly boasts of secularism, we have selected people from all sects and religions resorting to extreme violence just so to deem their religion as the most superior, and even going to the extent of justifying these brutal, inhumane acts.

Several states like Odisha have witnessed much social unrest due to riots and mass killings. One such incident that shows how low humanity has stooped down is that of Graham Staines who was an Australian Christian missionary working with the Evangelical Missionary Society, linked to the education of poor and illiterate Hindu tribes in Odisha. In 1999, Graham with his two sons, one ten-year-old and the other a mere six-year-old were killed while they were all sleeping in the station wagon that was set on fire.  

The only question that comes to my mind is when will we learn that human life is much more precious and valuable than religion, caste, creed, sect or tribe?

Some of us might raise our views of condemnation on such reconversion acts on social media like in the case of Hindus attacking Christians in Hyderabad church, but will we still stop racism?

Probably not.

Until our own houses are burnt and lives are lost to nothing but to a mere difference in religious beliefs.

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