Abandoned Mother/ Divorced: Child Faces The Plight

Child and divorced parents

Is growing up with an abandoned mom any different than growing up with a divorced mom?

In case of a kid whose mother was divorced, the child enjoys relations with both parties but in the case of abandonment the child somehow loses respect for the father figure or any elderly man in the society.

A kid whose mother was abandoned is a rebellious fighter and develops complexes. Along with their mother, they feel abandoned too.

A child, whose mother got divorced, is often confused as he/ she grows up in two different households.

In both cases the child would face the problem of building relations. The height of scepticism increases whenever the child gets attached. There would be a subconscious tendency to be over conscious about any relation.

The child whose mom was abandoned and the child whose mom got divorced both would have their share of trust issues. In case of the child whose father abandoned them the trust issue would be about the person. For example any person they meet they would have a fear if the person is trustworthy. In case of the child whose mother is divorced the trust issue is regarding the relation. As the child grows up he/ she might enjoy a very hunky dory affair with a person but there is a constant fear of losing everything. Sometimes freaking out for no reason at all actually causes damage to the relation.

Embarrassment: Our society is structured in a way where divorce is considered ‘western’ culture. Moreover let us not even get into the debate of pre-marital sex. The child who is abandoned faces extreme challenges from the society as the mother is questioned usually on her character. If the man abandoned them after marriage then the attitude would be sympathetic but if the woman is unmarried then the world views her child with a lot of criticism.

Sex without marriage is considered taboo. Imagine people like M. L. Sharma and A. P. Singh…the society would constantly haunt the mother and the child with unwanted questions.

Abandoned mom or divorced – both cases the children have their own share of struggles.

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