Common Food Habits Of Indians

Food habits of Indians – Some food habits are very much a part of India. Of course many would deny doing them but these are commonly found amongst Indians.

Some food habits are very much a part of India. Of course many would deny doing them but these are commonly found amongst Indians.

The habits are so adapted to the system of eating that many have become a ritual and are practised every time we hog into something.

In fact some of these habits are tweaked to adapt and become a part of the Indian eating etiquettes.

Yes Indian eating is slightly different and more pleasurable than the eating practice followed in the rest of the world.  

Asking for sukha puri at the end of paani puri or any chaat.

It is like a ritual to finish the paani puri or sev batata puri with a sukha puri in the end. The best part is that is the puri is free.

In fact there is this place in Bandra (Hill Road) called ‘Amrut Sagar’ that actually indulges all their skillsets in making the sukha puri in the end.

That sukha puri is so amazing that the restaurant in a way lures the customers to take a meal for the sukha puri.



Sipping the juice till the end

Sucking the last drop in the straw and making sure that the juice is complete is like a very common practice followed by almost every Indian.

It is childlike behaviour but we Indians become young at hearts when it comes to food.



Vada paavs are incomplete without extra spices and chutneys

The vada paavs or batata vadas have complimentary spices and red chilli powders and green and red chutneys.

We all know that spices form an integral part of Indian culture and hence asking for extra spices is almost like a ritual that many follow.

The Canon Paav Bhaaji centre opposite to the CST station is one perfect example of this behaviour.

In fact people who are selling paav bhaajis and vada paavs there actually keep the option of extra chillies and red chilly powders in bulk. Still habit doesn’t go. Even after the extra offering people still want more.  



Taking away sauf in tissue papers.

People actually take away sauf in a lot of restaurants. Basically the scene with Indians is often that if something is for free then we tend to take it in abundance.



Licking fingers after the meal.

Many would deny it and raise their eyebrows but try having the food with your hand instead of forks and spoon.

For all those foodies eating is incomplete without properly finishing the meal With finishing I mean licking those remaining flavours from the fingers.



Last but not the least, many people actually lick their plates at home after having maggie.

Yes I can see a lot of approving faces.


Well for those who disapprove of this habit why don’t ou try it. At home you have the leisure to follow your ettiquettes.

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