‘Celebrating’ on 26/11

26/11: Imagine your birthday to be today on the day when Mumbai witnessed series of terrorist attacks in 2008!!! Would you be in a mood to celebrate it as the entire world mourns about the tragic incident?

Celebrating an important occasion of your life on 26/11

Imagine your birthday to be today on the day when Mumbai witnessed series of terrorist attacks in 2008!!!

Pragmatically speaking, isn’t it possible that someone’s birthday or wedding anniversary or some important moment might have happened the same day of a terrorist attack?

How would the reaction be?

It might have occurred to us but the grave loss obviously surpasses all the thought processes.

Wondering the possibility of celebrating an occasion on such a day…not being insensitive at all about the supreme loss and disruption caused.

This article is to explore the kind of psyche attached around the people born on such days or people who have their important days clashing on such a day.

Days of destructions and cruelties bring back a lot of sour memories. Lives lost in such attacks create a lasting void in our minds.

Would you be in a mood to celebrate it as the entire world mourns about the tragic incident?

The conflict within is tremendous. We are humans and not robots and hence our moral conscience somewhere pricks us from celebrating.


Even if you break free from the mental barrier and come to terms that the clashing of dates is a coincidence, there are hundreds of preaching parrots eager to challenge your humanity and tag you as insensitive.

That notion I want to question. I mean why not celebrate.

Every person has the right to celebrate his/ her special occasion and feel special then why the unsaid moral policing.

Why should a person be guilty of being born on a day?

The most important matter is to stop terrorism and see to it that no innocent has to ever witness a violent attack in this world instead of questioning someone’s human nature just because he/ she wants to have a b-day bash today.

Birthdays, anniversaries come once a year. We crave for that special day as it marks the very special moment of our lives.

If someone’s special occasion clashes today then instead of expecting that person to shift the celebration to a later date can’t we accept the fact that it is a sheer coincidence?

The problem is the deviation from the actual matter.

The actual issue here is terrorism, grave tragic loss that we had to witness, etc. We somehow confuse it with the moral conscience and easily challenge or question the sensitivity of a person who moved on.

Observing and mourning one day doesn’t make a person more sensitive either.

The stereotype and the expected behaviour attached sets the unsaid rules that somehow we all are expected to adhere to.

Dates and days mark a very significant role in each and everyone’s life.

Astrology, horoscopes are a big business showing the importance of dates in our lives.

In India we even have the custom of tagging someone as ‘shani’ (bad omen) very well in practise.

So the plight of the person born in this country on such a disastrous day would mean that the person would be somehow reminded of the fact he/ she is not lucky.


Celebration would be expected to be kept at low key by everyone around you.

Even if celebration is done, posting the pictures on Facebook or social media would somehow prick your conscience when you see your timeline flooded with the images of gross reality.

The feeling of being born on a day considered unlucky for the rest of the world is not a very good feeling.

There is always a guilt attached to the celebration of your happiest occasion on such a devastating day.

It is not about the importance of celebration. The point am stressing here is that the incident happened on 2008 leaving scars that can never be covered. But it is very essential to move on.

People do move on and in this fast life, spirit of celebration is on.  

So if people are partying today or celebrating a very key occasion of their lives, would you look down at them?


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