Abortion Does Not Make You Un-Pregnant; It Only Makes You Parents Of A Dead Child! Use Condoms!


We all love sex!

But are we all responsible enough to handle the outcome of sex?

One of the major outcomes of this pleasurable affair is a pregnancy and results in another life brought to the planet! Yes, it is a wrong notion that life is only born after a child comes out of the womb. No, the life begins exactly at the moment when two people of opposite genders have sex and conception takes place. Period. There is no other explanation to it.


Crisis in un-pregnancy

With changing times, sex is becoming easier while pregnancies are getting more and more difficult to handle. Reason being, that they aren’t planned. Only when the couple feels that in the heat of the moment they indulged in something but they were not ready for results, the solution is found to get rid of the problem: which is a murder! Yes, aborting a life in a womb is no less than a murder!

Oh yes, we are really lucky that abortion to a certain age of the foetus is yet not illegal in our country or else there will be thousands of us languishing in jails for this heinous crime!

Abortion in India is legal only up to twenty weeks of pregnancy under specific conditions and situations which are broadly defined as:

  • The continuance of the pregnancy would involve a risk to the life of the pregnant woman or of grave injury of physical or mental health, or
  • There is a substantial risk that if the child were born, it would suffer from such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped.

And that is the reason most abortions, whether gender based or otherwise, take place so commonly.

Now that the newer generation is seeking equality in everything, whether it is career, education, employment etc., and for some reason considers having free un-protected sex, a fundamental right. Not only they put themselves at risk when it comes to having sexually transmitted diseases, the pregnancy rate also increases among girls who just wanted to have fun.

Result: Running to abortion clinics to avoid a so-called burden in life and putting self-life on risk too!

Statistics Related to Abortions

Unsafe abortions are killing a woman every two hours in India (which is approximately 4000 deaths a year), according to estimates and calculations correlating data on Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) and Sample Registration System (SRS) data by Ipas, India, an international NGO working on increasing access to safe abortion services. A Lancet paper in 2007 said there were 6.4 million abortions, of which 3.6 million or 56 per cent were unsafe. Ipas has calculated this based on the latest population and crude birth rates (CBR) which peg the number of induced abortions at 5,007,932 According to Census 2011, abortion taking place in institution varies from 32.0% in Chhattisgarh to 73.9% in Assam. In metro cities the numbers are higher, which are not even counted.

Reasons For Abortion Being So Common

Firstly, the abortion clinics have sprouted like coffee shops in every nook and corner of the cities catering to the increased demand of the playful society.

Secondly, the cost of an abortion is as little as the pocket money of an upper-middle class kid these days.

Thirdly, and most importantly, there is no proper guidance and counselling for couples getting intimate. Rather, most of the medical practitioners find it easier to abort an un-born life than explaining or teaching the couple about the complications involved.

Risks Associated With Abortion

Not only is it painful, it also comes with long term negative effects on a girl’s health. While the body takes the brunt of abortion, the mind also suffers from the trauma of the act, no matter how much a girl tries to portray a cool attitude from the outside, the scars remain.

Not all the abortion clinics are run by qualified doctors; some also have quacks running the show who are no better than butchers. The risk to the mother’s life is higher in such clinics, than to the life of the foetus.

How To Avoid An Abortion

The best way is to take precautions to avoid pregnancy.

There is a long list of contraceptives available at pharmacies to avoid unwanted pregnancy, including the most easiest to use, i.e. the condom! Make use of the condoms every time you indulge in sex. They help to prevent pregnancies and keep you safe from STDs.

While post-sex solutions are also available like the morning after pills that help to prevent an unplanned pregnancies and can be taken within 72 hours of having sex. Most common name being the iPill. Yet, it should be avoided to the best possible, for it also has side-effects and definitely interferes with the hormonal changes of the body. Taking an iPill should be like rushing to a dentist with a hurting cavity, while using a condom should be like brushing your teeth regularly without fail! Go figure!

Use Condom

Use Condom

Abortion should always be the last resort. Only in cases where it is absolutely necessary, should this painful procedure come in the picture.

Indulge in sex, but always sensible and careful sex! No one has a right to kill an un-born life resulting from their reckless fun!

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