Why Native Americans Are Called Indians?

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Over more than five centuries that Native Americans are still called Indians. It has been years that discoverer and explorer Christopher Columbus had found America. Confusing America with India he had introduced this continent as India. Indigenous people were known as Indians after its discovery. 

Through the sea route, Columbus had traveled throughout the world was looking for the Indus valley civilization. In the 15th century instead of reaching India, he reached to American continents. Native are thereafter known as Indians. 

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Native Americans are still called Indians

Often people may confuse Indians with the Asian country. But it is true that apart from India, Asia the natives of America are known the same. The languages of the Native and the First Nations people differ but the former is believed to know the Algonquian group’s language. There are changes and differences observed even after many years with the formation of the New World. 

The Algonquian group’s language is from the Northern part of America. The groups range from the North to the Rocky mountains. Though the continent has been changing with time adapting to modern ways and people. Open-minded to new ideas and life but the changes in languages can be realized from one range to another. This language has given many words or vocabulary to the English language. Inspired by the Algonquian nation there are also few names of states and cities. Michigan, Connecticut, and Delaware are stated from the origin. Odawa people live in Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada. 

The connection of the indigenous people, language have now blended with the First Nation. They are separated from the rests part of the continent but their individuality can still be realized. Few more groups that are added to the lists are the Eskimos and Native Alaska. 

 Culture of The Indians 

Though the continent was discovered a few centuries back they were living in the continent from 12,000 BC approximately. There were widespread of not one but various indigenous groups with changes in culture. It proved that the settlement in South America was longer. Variations in culture, lifestyle, and food existed which pointed at the years of developments. 

Utes people are the settlements that are seen at the Great Basin. Utah is the state in the US, one of the oldest places that were named after its people Utes. Similar to the name of ancient places, the state was renamed, another well-known is the Okla Homma, derived from Oklahoma. 

One of the strongest cultures that are famous is the porcupine hairs to make classy hair brushes. Different styles and shapes of the hairbrushes and toothbrushes were made for their regular uses. Even in modern times, the brushes are used by the Americans.  

It was in the 11 century that there was contact between the Europeans and the Indians or the indigenous people. Even in modern times, the population of 5.2 million live in the tribal land areas. The Native Indians are still known due to their presence in the areas for centuries. 

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