Top 5 Expensive Colleges From The World

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Education has been playing the important role in the development of a person’s finances, career, and personality. The overall development is considered with the education, it is the reason people look forward to finding the best schools and colleges. Due to the high-end provisions of knowledge and education apart from top facilities such as professors, lecturers, and books find their interest makes them popular. Expertise and excelling in a field are through the education and disciplines of the colleges. One of the reasons that students look for the top and most expensive colleges for their studies in the future.

Expensive colleges from the world

Studies and disciplines offered by the colleges have made the colleges expensive worldwide. Expensive colleges and the reason for their popularity are as follows:

Harvey Mudd Lauded in Journal of Blacks in Higher Education | College News  | Harvey Mudd College

Ranked 1, Harvey  Mudd

A special focus on STEMS provides the provision to specialize in Engineering, Science, and Information technology. Students come here to find their field of interest including the undergraduate programs. One of the expensive colleges that have the record of the 2nd highest successful students on PHDs for STEMS. Providing the best opportunities to learn and study is not only expensive but also the leading colleges for education. The college is known by the name of Harvey Seeley Mud, a mining engineer.

Admissions | Columbia University in the City of New York

Rank 2, Columbia University

More than a centuries-old is Columbia University which stands as a worldwide popular college. In 1754 the college was established that still remains the top college. Each year more than 6000 students have enrolled with an acceptance are of about 6 percent rate. The expenses to study rate high with greater Alta maters each year.

Parsons School of Design - Study Architecture | Architecture Schools and  Student Information

Rank 3, Parson school of designs

When looking for the best colleges around the world, not only education but also the top graded facilities the Parson school designs ranks number three. It is for design lovers who want to explore the best education system in arts and design.

The college offers education to different streams of arts and design located in New York City, Manhattan, and Greenwich Village.

The Big Green: Dartmouth College confronts one of the foremost challenges  facing humankind - GreenerU

Rank 4, Dartmouth College

Established in 1769, that is the Ivy research university in Hanover, New Hampshire. It is among the nine colonial colleges that still exist as the leading education center for students. Also remains the existing ancient expensive colleges of the world. It has undergraduate courses with an acceptance rate of 9 percent.

Dartmouth College has a record of 95 percent of graduate rates which itself makes this college popular.

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Rank 5, Sarah Lawrence college

One of the most expensive colleges is Sarah Lawrence college in the USA. Established in 1926, it is ranked 5th in terms of its education costs. The college has excelled in arts and humanities and also creates opportunities for women professionals.

The institution has given famous alma maters who excel in their profession. It ranks 72 in National Liberal Arts Colleges.

Expensive colleges have top teachers and lecturers. Also, the absence of government aid makes the costly colleges. Apart from it, they have given many leading alma mater that give these expensive colleges high popularity.

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