The Curse Of La Llorona

La Llorona

The Curse of La Llorona storyline shapes that, Anna Garcia, a social worker and widow who raises two kids in 1973 Los Angeles, is called to check in on one of her cases.

She finds signs of something evil incidences. As she digs deeper, she finds remarkable similarities between the case and the terrifying supernatural occurrences that is haunting her family. Searching for help of a local faith healer, she discovers that La Llorona has latched herself onto Anna and will stop at nothing to take her children.

La Llorona, which is also known as “the Weeping Woman” is a female ghost in Venezuelan folklore that lost her children and causes misfortune to those nearby. As she searches for them, she takes others lost children, making them her own.

La Llorona

The Legend of La Llorona is based on a true story which is commonly found in South Texas or in Mexico where the story was originally originated from. In the Mexican folklore it is mentioned that, La Llorona means “The Weeping Woman”. The legend says a woman named Maria lived in a village. She is beautiful young woman. One day, a noble man passed by her village and saw Maria. He was instantly felt captivated by her beauty and fell in love with her. The noble man, proposed her for marriage and she immediately said yes. But, the noble man’s father didn’t approve the girl or the marriage. They both stayed away and settled together away from his father. Soon, Maria conceived and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. She was happy beyond words. But as days went by, Maria felt her husband was drifting away from her. He doesn’t come home often or spends enough time to spend with her and one day he just stopped coming home.

La Llorona

One day, Maria along with her kids walking by the river, when she saw a familiar carriage with a young and beautiful woman sat next to her husband. She grew angry and in her anger she threw her children in the river drowning them. But, when she saw their bodies floating she then realised, what she has done? She jumped into the river hoping to die along with her children. At the heaven’s gate, she was shunned to earth to search for the souls of her children. She wasn’t permitted to afterlife until she finds them. It is believed that she’s stuck between living and the dead.

La Llorona

This story has many different versions but in some version its said that she kidnaps kids who looked similar to her own and kills them to take place of her own. It’s called “The Weeping Woman” because she constantly cries for her dead children. At night or late evening some do hear her crying or wailing of her. It’s said if you hear them then you are marked to death. It is said in Guatemalan version of the legend, it is said that if you hear her wails sound near, she actually far and fi her wailing sound is far the n it actually is near.

In a Greek mythology, the tale of a demigoddess Lamia was mentioned. She and Zeus had an affair and when Hera, Zeus’s wife learned about it she killed all Lamia’s children, had with Zeus. Out of jealousy and loss she steals other woman’s children. In the book “Mysterious New Mexico” some traces of German folktale from 1486 are found.

The ghost of La Llororna was appeared in my films or movies adaptations stating it haunting stories of “The Weeping Woman”. In Mexican a film was made The Cure of The Crying Woman (1961) it involves with the resurrection of the spirit of La Llorona. The Cry (2017), Mama (2013), Chasing Papi (2003), Black Lady of Bradley Woods and The Sibon. In a NBC TV series second season of Grimm, in its’ ninth episode. It showed that a ghost like woman who appears in Halloween in different cities always lures three kids to the three rivers meet; attempting to sacrifice these children to regain her own. In the TV series The Supernatural, a similar storyline of La Llorona’s story was portrayed by Sarah Shahi. There were also animated adaptation of the story, it titled as La Leyenda De La Llorona, and here she is portyaed as a sympathetic character. Her children’ death comes like an accident than by her own hands. In 1995, a Mexican playwright Josefiena Lopez wrote “The UnconqueredSpirits.” Lopez used the myth of La Llorona. But Lopez was mainly inspired by the story of La Malinche one of the many versions of La Llorona.  The story is of a young girl who was brutally raped by Spanish Friar, she gives birth to twin boys as a result and drowns them in river.

Curse of La Llorona – The Mexico’s legend of La Llorona continues to terrify, the film The Curse of La Llororna,triler released in October. It is directed by Michael Chavesand produced by James Wanand itis the 7th track which is scheduled to be released in April 19, 2019. It is an American supernatural film.

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