The Country in Asia That Survives Within 150 Volcanoes

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Indonesia is the only country in Asia that is surviving within 150 volcanoes with a history of deadly eruptions. The last eruption of volcanoes was in Mount Ili that had spread to 4 km with fire, smoke, and ashes in the year 2020.

Volcanoes destroy homes and houses when such eruptions take place, the nearby villages are evacuated to safe places. About more than 65 volcanoes are still active and eruptions may occur anytime. But resisting the attraction of mountains is difficult, hereby few of the active, as well as attractive volcanoes, are:


The mountain Kelud is covered with beautiful scenes of greeneries. The changes are occurring after its last eruption that took place in 2014. Considering it as one of the active stratovolcanoes but no one can stop themselves to feel the essence of the dome. The crater is filled with water forming a lake that invites visitors to visit despite the chances of violent eruptions.

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Mount Batur

Standing in between the two lakes in the crater of Mount Batur, one of the most popular places for hiking that renders with elements of nature. The sunrise trekking is one of the favorites to view the jungle and sun together.

Mt. Batur  surrounds by the Caldera lake, which has a record of active eruptions.

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Mount Sinabung

Denying the beauty and the furious nature of Mount Sinabung is impossible, it has a greater record of evolving volcanoes and destroying the surrounding area to more than one village.

Mount Sinabung stands at the Karo plateaus of North Sumatra. It shows the country in Asia that has been surviving among the destroys that take place every now and then which has four craters of volcanoes.

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Mount Merapi

The sunshine and the sunset may look amazing, along with its amazing soaring height. Mount Merapi, has a record of regular eruptions that have made trekking or trials to the top impossible. Due to the wildness of the mountain, the local people offer prayers to keep it calm.

Lavas are mode to utility and art

Indonesia is the only country that has the utility of Lava stones, different ways the black lavas are converted to work in their livelihood.

Temples stones

While passing through the streets of Bali, Indonesia, the black stone temples are common. The temple construction is from the eruptions of lava, converted to black lava stones and beautifully carved into temples. Each house has this distinctive, attractive temple at its front yard which they pray every day.

Décor Lava stones

In villas and houses, the lava stones people are placing and fixing on the walls for decoration. Countertops for the kitchen or tiles for the floors are of black Lava stones.

The erupting lavas that codes for destruction, the local people are using it as their strength and mode of living.

Mentioning paradigmatic Mount Bromo is essential which demarcates its serenity. The mountains surround by other volcanoes that are comfortable to trail. Amazing is the low-lying plain area with a platform of sand, this mountain is the most preferable destinations from east Java.

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