Pros and Cons of Country Spending High On Military Force

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Many countries spend the maximum on the maintenance of their military force. Spending high on them is sometimes beneficial in some cases it has many disadvantages. Expenses on the military sector have increased for the different purposes of maintaining the forces. Therefore the US has been spending about 1% of its gross domestic product simply to maintain its armed force.

The necessity of spending high is essential in some cases. For many countries, it has been unnecessary to invest in weapons and artilleries.

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Pros and cons expenses of Military force

Due to the unnecessary spending often it is taken into consideration to reduce the expenses on military forces. By understanding the pros and cons it will become easy to decide if the expenses a for them or not for the countries.

Used for the military force or department

Expenses for health care training and equipment are higher. Offering salaries to the different departments of the military forces as well as maintaining the facilities for the workers and the army man is a requirement. The not only military forces but it includes Air Force Navy Coast Guard and Marine Corps in which the military expenses are included. Bi of new weapons and equipment are also an essential part of the services. It is when the military spending is high and needful.

Emergency cases spending

In situations when there are chances of an emergency, the amounts are spent from the Supplementary spending bills. Invasions can take place anytime in any country. It is when which has been included for an emergency are in use.

Military force Fight against foreign threats

Foreign threats are never-ending problems for the countries. The cold war between China and India or India with Pakistan has been everlasting. It is a time when the military forces are essential to fight against foreign threats.

Training and equipment

For national security, it is essential that the armed forces are strongly trained to use various weapons. Training enables them to keep themselves updated with the new equipment.

Maintain peace

The peace of the countries is often challenged by various unwanted issues. Armed or military forces stand as a reason to maintain the peace within as well as borders of the countries.

Cons of spending high on military forces

Apart from the pros, there are a few cons that do not suggest spending high amounts on military forces. The different issues that can arise are as follows.

Chances of using military forces irresponsibly

When there is a strong military force side by side there is a chance of using it responsibly. To show the power the armed forces can be used but it is not necessary. Apart from it providing better health care and housing for the men and their families is also part of their responsibility. The budgets that are provided should not be misused or wasted.

Use funds on unwanted or unrealistic wars

Extending the power using military forces within the country and the borders may lead to real wars.

Chances of conflicts arise when the pride of having the most developed and strong military forces often misguide to involve in conflicts. Both pros and cons are an essential part of the maintaining armed forces in a country

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