Not Chinese But Some Food Of China That You Should Avoid

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Noodles to Roasted Duck the Chinese food have been the choices of food for the Indians. The blend of India’s spices customized to prepare the Chinese foods makes it special and a favorite for the people. Restaurants to street stalls each have special food recipes that are influenced by them. But never confuse with food of China

But as China has been one of the top technological countries their food habits remain in the contrast. It does not provide any benefit to the health as they lack the proper nutrition. Intake of some food may lead to allergies, skin diseases, and other health problems. So, while choosing the food of Chin there are certain things to consider.

Think over to find the types on food of China

Indian Chinese food is influenced by the neighboring country. But if the real food is tried then it may be possible that maximum people of India will give up on the food. Hereby the type of food is a factor that creates a difference between the food recipes.

Cuisine varies as the evolution took place when the migrants had come to India. The various changes over the traditional food had taken place while immigrants had settled in the eastern part of India. It is when the changes of Indian Chinese food and food of china were already into differentiation.

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Apple Juice

As per the reports of 2016, on the testing of the quality of the Apple juice, it was when the presence of arsenic was found. The chemical products presence that exceeded the minimum level was highly unhealthy. All the top brands selling the product have excessive arsenic that is not suitable as an edible product. It is one of the foods of China that should be avoided.

Garlic, never when food of China

Organic food has always been the primary need of people in India. But China’s development in technology has led to a decline the health and food products. Garlic should never be trusted when in the country as pesticides are used. Methyl bromide is one of the poisonous pesticides that can even kill rats used in high proportions.

Frozen Fish

Fresh fish is undoubtedly the best for developing better health. Frozen fish is another product that does not help to grow healthy and is poisonous. As the before-freezing fishes at farms are fed with antibiotics and other supporting nutrients such as pigs and other animal waste products.

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The pesticides that are used in Ginseng are considered to be hazardous. It is when the study by the Green pace confirmed the presence of pesticides at a high rate that causes severe health issues.

Canned Peaches

The canned peaches are stored food in cans that cause the lead in high quantity. Lead may cause problems to the skin and body.

The technological rise has challenged the concern on food and nutrition that are discouraging to try the foods of China. While people should avoid the foods and check the quality of the food before having them.

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