Nature’s Secret: The Mountain Without Gravity of Earth

Earth’s gravity is known to us and how the presence of it creates a difference in the movements of the objects on the earth?. It may be playing ball or if it is the falling of water in the waterfalls. Altogether, it is all that gravitational forces pull acts on the mountain when you have to work hard to move upwards to the top and easily move downwards. But nature’s secret is unrevealing in the mountainous area without the gravity of earth.

Armenia is the place which is known as one of the mountains without the gravity of Earth. So, if any difference is observed in the ranges of the mountain it is because of the absence of gravity. The changes or difference is easy to exercise that will ensure the truths are as follows:

nature's secret 1

Car’s movement

Generally, while traveling around hill areas; it is a common practice observed in certain places is moving the gear in neutral. In such cases, the movement of the cars is always downwards, due to the force. In the Aragat Mountains, the entire theory is upside down. When the car moves it does requires a force to move downwards and moving up is easy. Above all, on neutral gear, the car moves up and you have to drive down with gears to cover the mountain.

This is one of the strange versions of nature’s secret, while it has changed the universal truth with its existence on the earth.

Is it simply a lack of horizon?

While it has a mystery hidden within the beauty of nature, the gravity of the earth is not present in the mountain or anything magical is present. Few believe that a magical influence spreads in the areas which create the changes. But another important reason maybe is the absence of the horizon in the mountain without gravity. This has the ability to generate an optical illusion that ensures one to feel or sense a reverse application. The lack of proper vision to the horizon or less view rest as another reason that one cannot deny about the mountain.

The reasons may be different for different people but the place has raised a question based upon nature’s secret phenomenon. This place has become one of the best places of attraction for travelers who want to experience the unexplainable situation. Aragat mountains rest at the northern summit of Armenia, it is at the highest level of Lesser Caucasus. The amazing views of nature that is on the earth, that is surrounded by the Kasagh river, Akhirain river.

It is an exceptional mountain area that is separated from the other mountain parts of Armenia. This unique place is one of the most beautiful places among the six places that stands as the area without gravity. Easy to access and feel the strangest observance of nature’s secret between the areas of the mountains of Aragat hills, Armenia.

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