Meet This Boy Who Has Started A Bank

Come festive season, we assume you have spent a copious amount of money buying party outfits and the overprized drinks at the pub. In our regular lives, we waste our money a lot whimsically but get a reality check when the bank account looks rather sad. We grew this habit of spending randomly ever since we were a child and survived on our pocket money. The amount was meagre but the kings that we were in our psyche, we let our money go without sparing a second thought. Back then, we knew that our parents had our back completely and emergency fund weren’t as needed.

However, upon growing up, when we got ourselves employed, we got the hardest reality check. The money is for sustenance now. If we bared our accounts off on things we don’t need, we will have to deal with the month-end crunch.

We really marvel at some people’s power of saving money. They have unflagging dedication towards feeding fat their bank accounts at the cost of their material desires. Well, life is short, one mustn’t live planning for the future but spend the present like there’s no tomorrow. So, arguably, this habit is not completely endorse-worthy. However, saving money is equally important because it brings you fruitful results in the long run.

We will definitely say saving money is a good habit but in the same time, losing your mind over it is not recommended. If saving money is a good habit then one should grow it from his early childhood. When you learn to save money, you automatically learn to rein in your spending habits. Also, if you invest your saved money somewhere wisely, it will help your savings grow.

Underneath is a video of a small boy hailing from Peru who understood the necessity of saving money. He had come up with an idea which became popular with people around in no time. He decided to start a bank where his fellow classmates would deposit money and reap fruitful results afterwards. In the history of entrepreneurship, Jose is the first boy to come up with this path breaking idea. Now, he has employed men double his age to serve his purpose and his bank boasts of a trail of happy customers.

A mere kid, Hose has proved his business acumen and how. Have you ever thought of starting a bank at 14 years of age? we, then were having our days in the sun while Jose had some other plans for his future.

Oh wait! he started the bank at the age of twelve only when he thought that it is important to save money. He motivated a lot of his acquaintances to save money who saved their allowances in a savings account and got a debit card from Jose’s bank. Watch the whole video below to get amazed:



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