5 Unknown Facts about Popular American Thanksgiving Festival

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A festival to celebrate the harvesting, in October in the USA is called the American Thanksgiving. It is a national holiday for one day but the occasion may stretch for almost a week. One of the popular festivals of the Americans bonded with joy and happiness along with feast. It was also renowned as the feast week celebrated for years.

American Thanksgiving festival and fun facts

A traditional celebration that was finally declared as a National Holiday in 1789 by George Washington, as the end of the Revolutionary war. On the last week of November the day when it rose to the ratification of the constitution.

  • During the ancient times with the formation of the world during 1621, October the first harvesting led to the celebration of Thanksgiving. Not the common people took up to celebrate but the pilgrims were the first to Thank Lord for the fruitful harvests.Later, it was extended to the common people giving thanks for not only a good harvest but all good they are surrounded by.
  • The first thanksgiving pilgrims were from the Natives and the English who came together to enjoy a feast for continuous three days. It was a historical celebration that turned to become a tradition for the Americans. It is now a religious holiday which is celebrated in different parts of the countries.
  • Food is traditionally followed from ancient times. Pumpkin has always been the favorite of the Americans. Harvest foods were picked on the day of American thanksgiving celebrated by the pilgrims. Pumpkins, potatoes, cranberry, stuffed turkey was in the first feast which continues till the modern time. With the beginning of the new world, the food chosen is still in the festival menus of the Americans in modern times.

The first feast did not have a pumpkin pie which is added as a new dish. It was not possible to prepare a pie by both the English and the Indians.

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  •  Wishbone tradition, without the stuffed pieces of Turkeys, a Thanksgiving Day or feast is incomplete. It is when the wishbone tradition revives the ancient time. A moment of joy is shared in the wishbone tradition on this specific day. Two people who pull bones of the stuffed turkey from both sides while breaking the greater portion will have a wish. Their wish will be granted is a special part of the wishbone tradition.

Though it is an older tradition the exists before 1621 and remains in the festival.

  •  Macy’s Parade, the only ancient and the largest historical parade that takes place in New York City each year is on the day of Thanksgiving. A three-hour parade that begins from the Departmental store Macy’s in Manhattan. Since 1924, this parade has been taking place ranks as the second-largest religious parade in the US. Over time there are changes in dresses, costumes with the introduction of balloons. Earlier animals were present in the parade and were replaced by numerous attractive balloons.

Tradition or religious gathering, the history of harvests in 1621 to saying thanks to the end of Revolutionary war. Entire moments are wrapped in the celebration of AmericanThanksgiving day.

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