Woes Of Sharing A Single Computer At Home

Woes of sharing a single computer at home – The thought of sharing a computer at home would leave you cringing, if you are an adult, as in a way it violates your privacy.

With laptops and iPads being ubiquitous today, the chances of there being a computer room appear slim.

Well, not really. Many families still have a computer room in their home; more depressing is that they have the traditional desktop PC with wires dangling at the user’s feet.

Now, having a laptop or an iPad has its fair share of advantages. These benefits become the opposite when you share a single computer with the other members in the family.

Let us take a look at the horrid struggles people face when they share a single computer –

You are forced to set a specific browsing time, as others may want to use the computer themselves. And in case it’s an important job, you would have to work at a supersonic speed.



When your time to use the computer is almost up, someone will come around and inform you about the same. This can be super annoying!



In case you ask for extra time, the person next in line would sit around with a sulky face till the time you are done.



They might also try to interject just to get you off the computer or to plainly annoy you.



There is no such thing as secrecy when you share a computer with your family. Before logging off, you need to delete the history if you have been engaging in something naughty.



Surely, you can create a separate account, but that would mean the C drive getting accumulated with additional storage, in the process consuming a portion of the drive’s total space.



If you have a single laptop or a notebook, the members establish certain areas within the house where the computer can be used. Again, this is indirect censorship on naughty business.



You may also need extra minute to hide private folders on the computer. This needs to be done discreetly, for in case you are caught hiding a folder, you might be subject to an explanation.



You need to write down the Internet connection password on a piece of paper for others to refer while logging on.



Unfortunately, if you have a desktop monitor, the plethora of wires makes your room appear like a total mess.


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