This Video Will Change Your Mindset About Women On Their Periods!


Those 5 days of the month are really difficult that only women can understand but that doesn’t stop us from doing things we do on regular basis, right?

But should we be ashamed of our periods?

I still remember going to a shop and asking for pads, and the shopkeeper just smiled looking at his colleague, I really felt embarrassed at that time.

But now I feel I should have replied him then and there. Anyways not to distract from this topic, you really need to see how this girl Rene Sharanya Verma gives an amazing response to #imnotdown with an open letter to all girls on their period.

This is by far one of the best thing you will see today that will change your mindset about women.

Great job Sofy.

Girls you are not down remember that!

Don’t be ashamed and give it back to those who make you feel that way.

Because we are always worth it!

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