Would You Like To Taste This Flaming Paan?


Paan lovers would know about several types of innovative paan but the latest one which is known as Flaming Paan is what you may do not know.

There’s a paan maestro in Rajkot, Gujarat who has come with this idea of a paan with an unusual twist.

Chuni Lal, the betel leaf seller, is selling paans for last 30 years and he thought of doing some thing unique and bizarre with paan.

He spent almost 8 years to perfect with fiery paan.

“Due to the competition in the market and for a new flavor for customers we invented fire paan. Initially, the customers were hesitant for this but now it has become the USP of our shop”, the seller said.

So if you ever visit Rajkot then do not forget to have this a ‘paan’ on flames.

Check out the video to see this unique paan.


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