Watch: Do You Know What Girls Do When They Are All Alone?


Girls, as we all know are the greatest creation of God. Imagine how dull and boring the life your life will be if there were no girls. We can go on on about how cool we we are. Many women oriented movies and serials have come up nowadays to bring in light women’s potential and role in the society.

But how about showcasing funny side of women?

I guess this is what video makers of the below video thought of and went ahead to showcase the side of girls that we only girls know about.

This video by #fame comedy aptly showcases what girls do when they are all alone. Sometimes (or most of the times) we girls tend to go loony, especially when we have nothing to do and left all alone inside 4 walls.

No, we are not crazy but smart enough to kill time in a fun way.

Some parts of video showcases exaggerated situations but we are not complaining as it is a total entertainer.

Thoughts? Drop below in the comments section.

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