Women’s Day Special: Video On Parent’s Convincing Daughter To Get Married By Respecting Her CHOICE Is A Must Watch!

Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage – In India, mostly girls are pressurized to get married once they cross 25.

Not just the parents, but the neighbours and relatives too try to convince you about the whole marriage scenario. You know, it slowly starts with “Shaadi kab karni hai?” to “Bacche kab paida karne ka irada hai?”

The thing they don’t understand is that crossing 25 doesn’t mean that you MUST get married. Yes, nowadays girls are more focused into building their own career. So, it’s guessable that marriage comes second.

In this video, you’ll see the same scenario. A 31 Y.O girl who is absolutely doing well in her career path, and is someone who thinks that marriage is not her cup of tea.

Well, being an Indian worried parent, the way they convince her to think about marriage is so damn amazing. Once you watch this video, you’ll be 100% impressed with this new yet unique concept of arranged marriage.

This video by The Short Cuts is for each and every parent who are sinking in the boat of convincing their daughter to get married.

Here’s the video –

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