You alone can maintain your dignity and respect: Sana Saeed


Sana Saeed has all her life lived in Mumbai and claims to be a true Mumbaikar. So when she read reports about the Mumbai gang rape she was more than livid at felt that the city is losing its ‘safety tag’. In conversation with Sana she elaborated on her personal likes and dislikes and why she’s in love with the city. Read on!


Excerpts from the interview:

1. Is Sana single?

A. Yes. Very much!

2. Your take on Mumbai gang rape.

A. I am disgusted with all the rape issues all over the country. It was Delhi all this while and just when I gave myself the benefit of doubt that at least Mumbai is slightly safer. It’s not. What’s far worse is there are only hype and no justice for these women & I hate to think that it could be any of us, anywhere, at any point. More than it makes me angry, It hurts me, cause I love this city.

3. Do you think a woman dressing skimpily on-screen is provocation enough for men to commit crimes?

A. Definitely not! Such kind of crimes can only be committed by an uneducated & heartless section of our society that have no morals or values. It has nothing to do with on screen dressing.

4. If you were given a chance to do something about safety of women, what would you do?

A. I would make sure we have an immediate and severe punishment for these men.

5. How can Bollywood help maintain dignity of women?

A. Bollywood is an entertainment business altogether. And I don’t think women are forced to do anything they wouldn’t want to. You always have a personal choice. And you alone can maintain your dignity & respect.

6. You played a bold, young gil’s character in SOTY. Since Muslims are generally considered conservative, so did your family or relatives ever object to your on screen image?

A. Initially yes. But they feel I am talented & educated enough to decide what is right or wrong for me. As long as I am happy and successful, that matters most to them!


To know more about Sana Saeed, keep watching this space for updates!


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