What Is The Secret Deal Between Sonali Raut And Salman Khan?

Why is Sonali Raut surviving in Bigg Boss 8 – it looks like she is in some secret deal with Salman Khan. May be her connection with Himesh Reshammiya is the reason!

Bigg Boss 8 has been full of controversies and scandals, but this seems to be the mother of all!

So many gorgeous and hot looking girls and guys, so many contestants giving their best to bring content for the show, so many wild card entries to bring up the spice quotient, yet all fails and looks so bland in front of one contestant.

This contestant doesn’t have great looks, well okay, sexy figure she has though, doesn’t seem to have much brains or IQ, yet she survives week after week after week!

What is the bloody secret behind Sonali’s presence on the show, despite her doing practically nothing for this content-driven show?

Well, the mystery has been solved, the dots have been joined and hidden links have been found out!

Everything points out to Sonali’s first film as an actress.

Yes, we are talking about her debut film, Xpose in which she starred opposite the singer with the hit nasal-twang, Himesh Reshammiya!


The whole world is aware that Himesh is very close to Salman Khan.

In fact, Salman is responsible for giving one chance after the other to Himesh to establish him as a music director in Bollywood. There were few disputes between the two, but all that is part of history now.

As of today, both share a close bond.


Sonali is definitely in the good books of Himesh and shares a special bond with him for being his leading lady. Given this closeness, it is obvious that he must have put in a word to Sallu bhai to take extra care of Sonali.

This seems to be the only logical explanation for Salman’s soft corner towards Sonali! She doesn’t do any work, she is not even part of some great conspiracy, neither is she showcasing some exemplary talent like Pritam or Ali or Gautam, yet she survives all nominations and is saved by the ‘public votes’! We feel all this voting for Sonali is a sham and it is only because of Salman that she is surviving inside the house.

But can she win the show with his patronage? That will be going too far and we don’t think even the channel would want to have a winner on its hands who is as undeserving as Sonali. However, as an audience, we will have to suffer her dumbness quotient for a few more days or weeks, till the time, even Salman doesn’t get totally fed up of her brain-dead behaviour!

Let’s see what next idiotic action she has up her sleeve?

We pray for everyone to have enough patience to watch the show with her presence!

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