Why Is Drashti Dhami Acting Like Such A Poor Loser?

The latest rumors doing the round about Drashti Dhami’s marriage in 2015. Is she trying to stay in news by hook or crook? She should work rather than create gossip about herself.

I’m writing this piece with a heavy heart.

In fact, my heart is full of sympathy and pity and is overflowing with concern about Drashti Dhami!

Tears can’t stop and hands are shaking with pain. The very thought of Drashti going through so much of misery is hurting my soul.

Okay, okay, I’m going to stop.

You all can laugh now, the way I’m laughing at this exaggerated display of fake emotions!

Let me tell you the reason behind all this façade and you guys might laugh louder than me!

Something caught my attention today and made me wonder. It was about Drashti’s marriage rumors. It was like, how come she is suddenly in news without anything substantial happening in her life otherwise? I mean, even the so-called marriage is supposedly due for next year which is still far away, so why this hoopla around her?

That’s when realization dawned on me that she is out of work far longer than she herself would have expected! Even though it sounds like yesterday that her show to fame, Madhubala, shut down or her ass was kicked out of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. Still, for an insecure TV actor, these two developments are more than enough to cause a panic attack and lead to some crazy actions to stay in news.

What better than marriage rumors?

It really looks like a publicity stunt to send signals to potential producers and channel executive that she is still very popular and they need to cast her ASAP!

Will it work? Let’s see!

The reason it is a publicity stunt is because one, she is not getting any younger, other girls, more talented and younger than her are getting prominence and substantial roles. Two, she got a severe drubbing while hosting the reality dance show which means she might not get any reality shows as a host, ever again! Third, her hit show stopped generating numbers and had to be closed. What does all this mean for Drashti’s career? Or her life?

Well, as per rumors, she was supposed to be married last year, but for her own selfish reasons of keeping career as priority, she postponed her boyfriend’s proposal. The film she was expecting to land in her lap never materialized. On top of it, her existing projects also vanished into thin air! So now, it seems she wants to walk the tried and tested path so many film and TV personalities follow of finding a rich businessman and settling down when their career almost gets over in the glam-world. Either she is thinking that by making her marriage a public debate, she might win back her boyfriend’s heart and bring him into limelight or in her own fantasy world of fake happenings, she might be thinking that producers might get scared of her getting married and rush up to cast her! In both the scenarios, she really comes across as a loser!

Drashti is no superstar. At the most, she can be called a few TV-shows wonder! It’s better for her to work hard and get some substantial work in the field of acting and show her talents on screen. Who is actually bothered about this kind of crazy publicity about marriage? Her fans love her for her work, not for her off-screen antics. That privilege is exclusively for Bollywood stars who know how to use and en-cash such gossips to benefit for them and their projects..

Let’s hope she gets some sense and stops her over-zealous PR machinery from spreading such silly rumors.

Eventually these rumors will die down, hope her career doesn’t follow the same path!

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