3 Reasons Why Indian TV Is No Longer An Idiot Box!

We talks about the three shows which prove that despite lot of sub-standard stuff shown on TV, all is not lost. These shows give some sensible variety to audiences and makes TV viewing a treat!

For close to 30years, TV has grown slowly and steadily to take the number 2 position when it comes to entertainment in our country.

Yes this is a fact! Bollywood has obviously been the number one! However, the kind of entertainment that is dished out to us on TV is debatable.

From just once-a-week movies and once-a-day news updates, it is now loaded with tones of channels offering different shows, movies, sports, news and what not. Primarily, it is still run by Hindi shows which generate maximum revenue and is watched by the most part of the population.

Now, the moment we talk about Hindi TV, it is being labeled as brain-less entertainment which often crosses the line of being overly regressive and stupid! People who watch lot of TV are even branded as couch-potatoes.

Sounding too depressive?

Don’t worry things are changing for the better! Even though change is just trickling in, but then who said Rome was built in a day? Let’s talk about the shows which are the flag-bearers for change:

1) Kaun Banega Crorepati

This show has been on air for 14-freakingly-long-years now! Not a small feat considering audience’s short attention span. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s charisma and the intelligence quotient of the show have made sure that every season is a bigger hit than the previous one. Obviously earning loads of money is also a prime motivator, but then all that is to gain knowledge and earn money! Fair means, we must say! It’s a complete family package and can lead to generations of Indians get interested in education and knowledge which can really help the country to grow!

2) Bigg Boss


Don’t be! We know you must be thinking how this spicy controversial reality show can bring positive change in the society? Well, in a way it is! When we watch TV, we seek wholesome entertainment which covers all possible emotions like love, sadness, happiness, hatred, excitement, jealousy, anger, laughter etc. Now, some shows focus on just a few of these emotions, but Bigg Boss has everything in it in equal quantity and that too without being regressive or stupidly un-believable! Now that it will be on air at prime time, it clearly becomes a family show so that right from a child to an adult, everyone gets something out of it, provided one applies bit of their brains to understand the subtle learning it offers about human emotions and behavior. Of course, the scandalistic nature of the show makes it fun to watch as well. SO in a way it offers a unity platform for the entire nation. Not to forget the presence of everyone’s idol, Salman Khan!

3) Satyamev Jayate

This is a relatively new beginning heralded by one of the most intelligent and socially responsible of the actors, Aamir Khan! Even though it is still in nascent stages, the way it is being accepted by the audience and bringing change in remote corners of the country, it is commendable. The show deals with issues that have an impact on the common man and deals with the ills of the society. Two seasons of the show are over and third is about to begin and by the looks of it, it is going to be another bumper season! Good for the audience who want to be entertained as well as being given a hope that not all is lost, things can be improved in the country if everyone puts in his or her effort into it.

Well, these are just three shows which are different in their genres, have variety to offer and can really help in bringing a change! Hope, more producers and channels think on these lines to offer better TV viewing experience to their loyal audiences!


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