Make Love, Not War: Bigg Boss’ New Strategy!

We talk about entry of two female contestants in the Bigg Boss hosue which will surely restore the sexual balance inside the house. We can expect lot of love with almost equal number of men and women inside.

Bigg Boss’ house is a place famous for lot of action, fights, arguments and what not!

However, it is also known for blossoming of love in various forms, whether it is true romance or lustful liaisons or just family-friends kind of affection.

This season has been a drag till now though given that neither of the girls inside has been able to provide enough fodder for gossip. We are putting the onus on girls because men, being men have done their bit to make it spicy!

But things have suddenly changed with two wild card entries, Dimpy Mahajan and Renee Dhyani!

It seems there is going to be lot of romance alongside rivalry, lust alongside jealousy and action not only outside, but between the sheets as well!

Oh yes, we know Sonali did try to give us that kind of entertainment, but her confused mind of not selecting between two handsome hunks, Gautam and Upen, poured cold water over all the heat generated. Not to worry people, two gorgeous and sexy babes have entered the house and they surely have come up with a strategy of heating up things with men while competing with women already present in the house!

Dimpy is still married to Rahul Mahajan, but undergoing divorce proceedings, so she must be looking for some shoulder to cry on. Her objective seems to restart her career and what better than a sexy link-up with some dude inside the house. Now it remains to be seen who is going to get her attention and who responds to her!

Renee has already started bonding with the boys making Karishma and Diandra supremely insecure! What else can explain their sudden warmth towards their arch-rival till now, Sonali. All three girls are seen bonding and warming up to counter the potential threat from these two new girls who would take lot of attention away from the troika! It is said that a known enemy is better than an unknown friend. This saying fits these girls perfectly.

Whatever happens, it would be good to see the high testosterone action getting subdued a bit and feminine charms taking over. No one is expecting the fights to end or arguments to die down, but then to see some romance and love-filled action along with all the violence is what is called perfect entertainment!

So now there are 5 sexy and hot females inside the house along with 6 handsome hunks!

We are not counting Sushant and Puneet as they are out of the race.

So it’s a pretty balanced stage and let’s see which guy remains deprived of love!

May be ‘that’ guy gets lucky with some lust!

Things have just heated up inside the house; stay tuned to watch some garma-garam action!

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