Bigg Boss Chahte Hai…THIS Man Is The Voice Behind Bigg Boss In The Reality Show!

Voice Behind Bigg Boss

Voice Behind Bigg Boss – Bigg Boss 11 is here and obviously, there’s going to be drama in the house. This is season 11 and Big Boss FANS are excited to watch the episodes. Celebrities and Commoners are once again going to make the show interesting. From Fights to romance, as always, this season too will be worth the watch.

Plus, Salman Khan as padosi is going to entertain too.

Like always, contestants will be given interesting and hilarious task (Like the 1st one given to commoners) to do. But have you ever wondered about the person who gives tasks? Well yes, it is Bigg Boss.

But, who is this Bigg Boss? What does he look like? His voice is undoubtedly a good catch. I’m sure that many Bigg Boss FANS watch the show only because they want to listen Bigg Boss’ voice. Hehe, agree? So guys and girls, who is he?

Let’s reveal it today.

The man behind Bigg Boss voice is Atul Kapoor. Now imagine him saying “Big Boss Chahte Hai…” Here’s what he looks like – Handsome, right?

Voice Behind Bigg Boss

Atul Kapoor is an Indian actor. He has a good command over languages like English and Hindi. That’s the only reason, he is now doing a great show like Bigg Boss. He mostly has worked with dubbing foreign content into the Hindi Language. He became a part of Bigg Boss reality show in 2006 and since then, audiences loved him so much that he decided to continue working with the Bigg Boss team.

From “Avengers”, “Iron Man”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “The Chronicles Of Riddick”, “Captain America: Civil War”, he has dubbed many characters.

According to the sources, his identity is well protected and he is also handsomely paid.

No doubt, his deep voice makes him return to the show every season.

Voice Behind Bigg Boss : So, the next time you watch the show, remember his FACE.

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