Places From Ramayana Is Not A Myth It Exists In Reality

Not a myth rameshwaram

Epic book Ramayana that describes the places of ancient India are not only stories. The mythological story has stories of unique creatures such as Garuda, the huge bird, or the Hindu God Hanuman but it is still in beliefs of Hindu religion.  There was a belief that the tales have some hidden reality. Also, the places mentioned in Ramayana are not a myth. The destinations are present in modern India which are tourist destinations.

Visit the best Places that are not A Myth

Not only has a place for the tourist but it served as historical education for the young learners. Many parts can still be a destination for travel lovers or explorers such as:

Chitrakoot near Mandakini Ganga

The place at the edges of the Vindhyachal is the Chitrakoot. It is the place where Rama had spent more than 11 years. It is a place of culture and pilgrimage beautifully described place by Tulsi das. It has the Mandakini Ganga that flows from the edge of the mountains. The destination is special for religious pilgrims as well as the mythological importance.

panchavati not a myth

Panchavati, also known for meditation

Nasik is the new name of the ancient place Panchavati. This place has great importance as Lakshman had insulted Surpanaka and cut her nose. The peace and beauty of nature were explained in Ramayana while Rama was in exile. It is also famous as Tapovan, a place for meditation, River Godavari passes from the so earlier known as Panchavati.

Rishyamukh Mountain, not a myth

The mountain Rishyamukh that was mentioned in Ramayana is present near Vijayanagara of South India. It was the place where Rama and Lakshmana met Hanumana while they were searching for Sita. A famous pilgrimage place where thousands of people visit. Vijayanagara is the birthplace of Vanara King, Hanuman.

not A myth Ashok vatika 4

Ashok Vatika feels like but not a myth

The infamous but most attractive place described in Ramayana, by Tulsi Dasa was the Ashok Vatika. After abducting Sita she was kept here for one year and eleven months. This garden is located in Lanka which was part of the empire of Ravana. He detained her in Ashok Vatika, which is also a place of culture and pilgrimage.

Not a myth rameshwaram

Rameshwaram the bridge of Ramasetu

Ram Setu is one of the popular tourist places for those who visit South India. Near to the Rameshwaram temple is the Rama Setu that still exists. The bridge made of stone floating on the sea was the connector route between India and Srilanka. After the return of Sita, a Shiva Linga was established in Rameshwaram.

Janakpur, Sita was born

Rama and Sita got married in Janakpur. It is also the birthplace of Sita that is located in the southeast part of Kathmandu. This is also one of the pilgrimage destinations. Thousands of devotees are seen on the day of Vivah Panchami, it was the day both were married.

Ramayana can be relived with the ambiances of the places. It was just heard as stories. Thinking about the epic, if it is a myth but the places have given an assurance of their presence in the Hindu religion.

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