Things to do on Indian reality shows

We tell you what you need to do on reality shows…read on!

It’s the season of reality shows (or so they say) on Indian channels that are shooting up the TRPs like crazy. From desi spin-offs of American shows to celebrity overdose, we have seen them all! We tell you what you should do on a reality show in order to grab eyeballs. Read on!

Shed a few tears:
If you’re a reality show contestant, make sure to shed a couple of tears as and when you can. It might make you the cry baby of the competition, but it will definitely make you more ‘real’. Everybody has this ace up their sleeves, you should try it too!


Pick up a fight:
Yes, start a catfight for the heck of it. Even if you aren’t a mean person by nature, you gotta pick up a fight to make the show more interesting. Miss Goody Two Shoes have no place on such shows. And nice guys? They finish the last…so, bring out the badass in you.


Brush up your gaali skills:
From ‘maa-behen’ gaalis to sophisticated English ones, you gotta sprinkle your conversation with abuses that are not program-appropriate! The more number of beeps, the better your chances at winning the show.


Fall in love with a fellow contestant:
Yes, you have to pretend to have a roaring affair with a fellow contestant so that your ‘love story’ becomes the talking point of the show. I mean, how else do you explain all the ‘couples’ who split up immediately after the end of reality shows?


Threaten to quit the show:
Just shout ‘Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai!’ And threaten to quit the show if your inane demands are not heard by the fellow contestants or organizers. You’ll be in the news and get the required number of votes to win the show.

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