Tangy Twists Of Bigg Boss 8!

People, folks and countrymen, it’s time to serve that tongue-tickling dish of the year that we all have been waiting for eagerly: Bigg Boss 8.

On a belly full of various-course-meal, all we need is a DESSERT.

And what if the dessert is TANGY AND SPICY?

Hmmm… that sounds like too much fun!

People, folks and countrymen, it’s time to serve that tongue-tickling dish of the year that we all have been waiting for eagerly: Bigg Boss 8.

We all know that it is the one big reality show of the year which makes its onscreen appearance during the last months and has more or less become like a ritual for the channel to produce and for viewers to watch. It now seems like a delicious tangy dessert… not to sweet and not too spicy either, one-of-its-kind ground-breaking delight served at the end of wholesome year-round meals! So, whatever reality shows, fiction shows, family dramas, horror disasters and blah blah blah… have been served throughout the year and whatever they did to your digestion, be rest assured, Bigg Boss shall render a helping hand in digesting all kind of crap… In fact, its crap value is so high that other idiotic stuff on TV fades to zilch. In a way it’s good, we all are tutored to face further assault on our intelligence in the coming year!

Now, as viewers we have all the rights to demand what we want to watch, right?

Here is a list of twists that we think, if added to BB – 8 can bring record breaking TRPs to the show:

Salman Should Not Host the Show; He Must be an Inmate

Every Friday and Saturday, during weekend ka WOW, we all see Sallu bhai giving gyaan-baazi to all the inmates of the house. “Pyaar se raho”, “aurton ki izzat karo”, “dikhawa matt karo” “peeth peeche bitching matt karo” etc. etc. etc. Too much fun, right? Why limit the fun to Fridays and Saturdays? Let us bring him inside the house for all 3 months (no eviction for him) and let him give free BEING HUMAN classes to the entire brigade for the entire show! Ab hua na WOW!

Saharukh Khan Should Host the Show

For all the good and bad reasons, Shahrukh has failed as a TV host. This could be his claim to TV fame, as we know that BIGG BOSS never ever fails! He could wash his hands in Behti Ganga and take home some TV success to boast in front of his kids. Moreover, during last season of BB we all saw Salman praising Shahrukh left, right and centre on the stage. There has to be a payback time! Let Shahrukh payback the generosity now. Hail the Mutual Admiration Club!

All the Inmates of the House Must Be Allowed Physical Fight But Only With Same Sex 

BBFW – Bigg Boss’s Faadoo Wrestling can fetch more moollaah then ever!  Every time there is conflict amongst housemates; it must be resolved with a wrestling match amongst the members of same gender. Imagine Dolly Bindra and Veena Malik having a nerve-wrenching cat-fight! The legendary dialogue of BB “Talk to My Hand” shall finally find its true worth! Let them talk to the hands only!

Some More Animals Should Be Introduced to the House

No it’s not what you think it is. We are saying ANIMALS in literal terms. The four-legged animals we meant, not the usual ones that we see in the house. “Evil smile”!

Heaven; the dog was a rage in BB Season 7. He taught them love, affection, respect and what not. Let us bring some more of Heaven’s brothers and sisters, better still, one for each housemate. They must spend time with one animal each, for the entire season, learn life in a better light and by the time they are out of the house, they will be well equipped to run their own “Art of Living” shops… I mean workshops.

And we are done with our list of twists that we wish to see in the upcoming and eagerly awaited Bigg Boss 8. We definitely want to hear what you wish to see.

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