Santosh Shukla’s Romance with Tia Bajpai Crumbles

We take a look into the breakup of the Santosh Shukla and Tia Bajpai Relationship…

Big Boss has unleashed fame galore on participants over its seasons.

Going back by two seasons for the reality show, we recall Santosh Shukla and Sana Khan most remarkably. Santosh walked into Bollywood straight through Salman Khan’s heart, in Jai Ho as well. The actor is now in news because of the crash down of his alleged relationship with actress Tia Bajpai. Desi Katte, the film brought the two together and it seems love bloomed instantly.

The couple has been an item for their alleged rounds around town and also always been in news for their overt display of chemistry.  Sources close to the couple are now tight lipped on the reason for their break up. However, after some spying about, Santosh’s buddies opine that the actor falls in love too easily. Even this time, he must have fallen in love with Tia without worrying about issues that could come about later, adds his friend.

Tia did not revert to any queries on the relationship. However, Santosh updated his social status on a leading network stating that he needed to be more careful about dating.  He added, “A lot of people are not looking for love, they are looking for help.” This shifts our attention to the issue grappling modern actresses who enter into relationships as soon as they feel to quit it.

Desi Kattey was largely marketed as a film that explores a brilliant love story. This was perched heavily on the chemistry that the lead couple shared. In addition, the film stars Suniel Shetty and Jai Bhanushali. Santosh teamed up with Tia daily after the shoots to hang around hotspots in town.  After so much going on, it seems too early for the same to have fallen apart.

Santosh is nursing a broken heart and probably, he could go to Salman Khan for some tips. Santosh has received popular accolades post his Jai Ho stint. In fact, he also found a lot of material support from Salman in times of his mom’s illness. Perhaps, Sallu is the one who could bring the betrayed lover on track.

Now before one sees too much into this, let us remind you that Tia’s stance is still not clearly known. If reports revealed her side of the story, things could have been different. For now, the sympathies lie with Santosh. The manly actor can of course, move on in life given that he could get loads of girls to drool over him. We wish him all the best in his future relationships. Perhaps, a bit of care in judging the person could stand Santosh in good stead!


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