Rohit Khurana: I would like to scrap the whole TRP nonsense!

The actor indulges in a cool confab with me

The actor started his career with Miley Jab Hum Tum on Star One. His role as Vansh in Uttaran rose him to fame and he is currently playing the sinister Shaurya in Sasural Simar Ka. The actor indulges in a cool confab with me…read on!

You have played a lot of negative roles in the past and you have stepped into the shoes of a brat on screen, yet again, aren’t you afraid of getting stereotyped?

Not exactly, all my roles have been drastically different from one another. In Uttaran, I was a drug addict. As Bhaskar, I was a mean fellow who lives on his wife’s money. In Khoobsoorat, I was a guy suffering from low self-esteem who managed to find a beautiful girl despite not being that good looking. Shaurya is a spoilt brat; he’s not exactly a negative guy. I’ve always tried to put these little nuances to my character. Lot of people, especially girls love the guy next door but I like doing things that are different and no, I am not afraid of getting stereotyped.

Do you get the time to watch TV?

Not really, not even my own show. Whenever I do, I make sure I only watch Discovery channel and news to keep myself updated.

If you had the chance to pick a character from an English serial and recreate it on the Indian small screen, which one would it be?

As I said I don’t watch many shows. But I am glad that ‘24’ has being adapted and shown on Indian television. This format should work; if it does it would be great for actors like us to showcase our talent in a different way. I hope it gets accepted by the audience, if it does we will have other series as well on Indian TV. Guys will also get a chance to be a part of something other than soap operas which are so female-oriented.

So what are your future projects?

I only take up one project at a time. And since I have some time for myself now, I’ve started meeting more people who can help me out for making it in films.

Since TV actors have such a hectic life, what do you generally do to unwind after a hard day’s work?

Between the shoot I listen to music, play games on my I-pad and watch movies as well. Thankfully I get time to work out also lately.

Bigg Boss 7 is pretty much in the news right now. If given a chance would you enter the house?

Not right now for sure. I want to do other stuff in life.

Do you get mobbed?

Mumbai is a very chilled out place so thank God it doesn’t get ugly here, but in places like Delhi I do.

Is there anything you would like to change about the way the Indian Television industry operates?

I would like to reduce the shifts from 12 hours to at least 10 hours. I want to scrap the whole TRP nonsense. At times we create content in such a hurry in order to produce an episode and in the process we lose the plot and compromise on the quality. Also it would be great if we have television series, that way we work at a stretch for a good 3-4 months, take a break and come back to work all refreshed.

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