5 Roadies Contestants Who Made A Mark In Our Heart

Roadies Contestants

Roadies Contestants – Though MTV Roadies has lost its charm ever since Raghu left the show, it was earlier the heartbeat of youth.

From guys getting inspiration to work their bodies harder to get selected in Roadies, to girls who came out as fierce and badass in front of the world, Roadies was something really very special. For the audience, they used to find their inspiration, crush, love and what not in those Roadies contestants because that was the only place where they could really connect.

Well, on that note, let’s have a look at some of those Roadies contestants who made a mark in our heart.

1. Ranvijay Singh

We all know that Ranvijay became this huge host and anchor after he won the first Roadies and became the most favourite contestant of all. Also, he is the one who gave inspiration to other people out there to join Roadies and figure out the best of themselves.


2. VJ Baani

This bold and badass girl who now hosts the show was once a fierce contestant who wasn’t just a bike rider, but also an amazing personality. Maybe that’s the reason people still remember what she was like during Roadies.

Roadies Contestants

3. Ayushman Khurana

This big singer and actor was once a Roadies contestant who was also a huge crush of many of the ardent Roadies female following. After winning the title, he took over hosting at other MTV shows and since then, there’s nothing that stopped him.

Roadies Contestants

4. Ashutosh Kaushik

Ashutosh Kaushik is one of the most loved men on Roadies because of his honest yet clever personality. His accent, attitude and aggression was something that won him a lot of hearts from across the country and that’s what led him to Big Boss too.

Roadies Contestants

5. Prince Narula

The man who recently won a million hearts, Prince Narula is truly the most amazingly popular roadie right now. After all, he didn’t just win Roadies but Splitsvilla and Big Boss Season 9 as well.

Roadies Contestants

I am sure if you have followed Roadies contestants since its first season, you remember all these contestants and many others too. So, let us know which one is your favourite in the comment section.

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