Television Heartthrob Parth Samthaan Has An Important Message For All!


The dashing actor Parth Samthaan, popularly known as Manik on MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan is not keeping well these days and was recently hospitalised following a viral fever which turned severe due to continuos shooting despite being ill.

The actor has been advised complete bed rest by the doctors. However this did not stop the talented actor from sharing an important message on Twitter.

The actor came to defend his mentor Vikas Gupta with whom he shares amazing bonding. There has been lot of speculations going around since the time Vikas left Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan and worked on his own shows making them as successful as Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan.

While many wants to take credit for the success of the show, one can’t ignore the contribution of Vikas Gupta and this important message by Parth clears a lot of things.

This is what the actor shared on his Twitter account…

A small trivia but an important one: One man had this vision of making a youth based show on friendship and love around 4-5 years ago. The script was rejected by a lot of channels but then he decided that no matter what he will make that show happen. He even had a mannat because he had a vision, a dream and finally after 4 years it happened to be true.

And that is MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan…

And that man is Vikas Gupta….

Today whatever Manik or Nandini or fab 5 you are seeing is because of him.

MANIK: Vikas Manik Gupta …his fathers name (A lesser known fact)

Anyway to cut the story short, it’s irrelevant that he left and moved on to make other shows and coincidentally those shows are equally successful. But that never meant he was never a part of KY2.

KY2 was his baby…He made it and also convinced each and every character to do that show, right from me or anyone else on the show, literally and yes I am also saying that a lot of people have contributed to the show…but!!

One should never forget to give the credit to those people too, instead of taking the credit themselves. It shows how insecure can one be.

So guys it’s a request, please stop this bulshit, I am not keeping well but I had to post this, infact make everyone aware about the reality. He is my very good friend and to an extent my mentor. He’s always been there during my tough times.

So guys a general warning, enough of this shit. Just enjoy the show and focus on your lives than others.

Thank you and stay blessed 🙂

Parth Samthaan

Very well said Parth, looks like he has opened his heart and soul in this one.

We really hope all this ends and also the negativity with this.

Youngisthan also wishes Parth Samthaan a speedy recovery. Get well soon hero!

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