Oscars ’14: What Not To Wear On The Red Carpet

As we gear up to celebrate great cinema and excellence in the field of acting, we take a look at what we definitely don’t want our beautiful ladies to wear on the red carpet at the Oscars 2014. Read on…

Oscars or Academy Awards are not just about the movies, they are about high-end fashion too! From sexy cuts to gorgeous colours, it’s THE platform to experiment and draw all the attention toward you. Everybody wants to rock the red carpet. And why won’t they? It’s one of the most prestigious award shows in the world. As we gear up to celebrate great cinema and excellence in the field of acting, we take a look at what we definitely don’t want our beautiful ladies to wear on the red carpet. Read on…


Thigh-high slits

Angeline has done this look to death. And she did a damn good job of it. Her legs were the most talked about feature of Oscars for a very long time. But let’s be honest, the thigh-high slit is so passé that no actress worth her mascara should wear it to the red carpet this year. Flaunting legs is fine, but it need not be the only way to draw attention to your sexy assets. Let’s hope that good sense prevails and our pretty ladies do some edgy and sensuous outfits on the big night.



The colour black

Despite the occasion being a rather formal one, we feel that black should not make an appearance this year. The colour may be a classic, but it can sure look rather ‘safe’ on the red carpet. If the ladies are planning to grab attention via their clothes, this is definitely not the colour they should be opting for! Even men should try out browns and tans and even greys to break the monotony of the evening. We do hope that none of the top actresses shows up in this ‘too safe for my boots’ colour!


Sheer horror

Going bold is fine. But sheer disasters like we saw at the Golden Globes are a strict no-no. It may make them the toast of the night, but for all the negative reasons. Any press may be good press, but we don’t want to be criticising actresses on the biggest night of their lives. Sheer is not to be fiddled with and should not be worn at any event at all. Especially if you don’t have a sexy body to boot. But many actresses do wear this in order to create a stir. Will we see a repeat of Golden Globes at the Oscars? Well, we hope not!


Experiments gone wrong

We all love quirky outfits that can lighten up the evening. But when actresses choose to experiment with their outfits in such a way that it turns out to be a disaster…it makes us want to run for cover! We do hope that the Oscars sees sensible and high-end fashion merging with quirky and fun prints. But indulging in too much of an experiment can not only make the person look stupid, but also make them the yardstick against which future disastrous outfits are measured.


Unflattering cleavage 

This is a personal request, in fact. We are desperately praying that no woman with an unflattering cleavage turns up at the even in an ill-fitted gown. No low cuts and deep necks for actresses who have not maintained their bodies well and those on the wrong side of the 40. Every year we see malfunctions due to gowns and dresses that are too loo or too daring…what’s worse, their twin assets aren’t even attractive!


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