What Makes Sakshi Tanwar So Special?

Saakshi Tanwar

Sakshi Tanwar is a name to reckon with when it comes to television. No wonder her longevity on the idiot box is inspiring and commendable as well!

The TV industry is notoriously famous for giving break to thousands of actors and actresses every year with so many fictional and non-fictional shows. However, only a few of them survive the grind of this showbiz and soon fade away in the oblivion. It isn’t easy to rise and shine and then sustain the centre of attention they are in for more than a year of two.

But here is Sakshi who is around for more than a decade now and is still going strong. Right from her first major show, Ekta Kapoor-produced Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki to her latest offering, Code Red, she has won the hearts of millions of her fans and in the process has come to be known as a powerful figure in Tellyland.

Sakshi Tanvar in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

Sakshi Tanvar in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

What is the secret?

The major reason for her such a long shelf life as an actress is her ability to evolve, adapt and grow. She started as an anchor on a Doordarshan show and graduated to play an obedient bahu, Parvati in Kahaani Ghar  Ghar Ki. After the show ended, she didn’t wait to play the same character on another show, but moved on and as per her age and experience looked for challenging characters.

Bade Achchhe Lagte Hai

Bade Achchhe Lagte Hai

After a couple of mediocre shows, she landed Bade Achche Lagte Hain in her kitty and thus began her journey of another strong character to showcase her acting skills. Alongside she anchored Crime Patrol season 2 to showcase her versatility.

That is what got her Code Red after Bade.. shut down.

For most actors and actresses it isn’t easy to come out of their self-made image of being a young beautiful performer. They keep trying forever to stay in that cocoon and in the process are kicked out of the industry. Sakshi gracefully accepted the change and in fact grew with it. It is difficult to be so powerful in an industry where the shots are being called by men, even if the shows are women-centric and targeted at female audiences. She has carved a niche for herself and makes producers and channels come back to her again and again simply due to the fact that she adds lot of quality to the whole project. Her presence itself makes people consider the show as a sensible one which ultimately results in it becoming a hit show!

She has definitely proved that acting is not skin deep and the girls who are trying to join the industry or are already part of it need to learn a thing or two from her. It would obviously be great for us ordinary audiences to watch our favourite actresses over and over again rather than watching in one or two shows and then wondering where that girl did vanish!

Hats off to Sakshi for being an inspiration and such an amazing artist!

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