Karan Kundra Is Using THIS Trick To Fool People While Clicking SELFIES!

Karan Kundra Selfie Trick

Karan Kundra Selfie Trick – Karan Kundra is a funny guy, agree? Oh, if you aren’t following him on Instagram, then I think you should start following him because his posts (sometimes) will really-really make you laugh. You know, he is that kind of guy, who knows how to trick people.

He loves to play games.

Well, on a professional front, Karan Kundra was busy shooting his upcoming movie 1921 featuring Zareen Khan. The shoot is over now and he’s back in Mumbai. But while shooting, he had a lot of FUN and he even used to take time to upload many videos on his Instagram account to show what’s happening and how things are going etc. So, undoubtedly, the videos were worth watching (and no chance to miss ‘em because I personally love him so much) So, I enjoyed all the videos uploaded by him, and just in case you missed ‘em, you can still watch ‘em here.

So, like I mentioned, he is a funny guy. And now, Karan Kundra has come up with a new trick to fool people around him. What trick, you ask?

BEFORE you watch the trick, I’m sure that you must’ve been through this situation. Or at-least you must’ve tried it on your friends. 

Well, he fooled his co-stars and crew members while shooting and it looked hilarious. Not only that, he even tricked his gorgeous GF Anusha Dandekar.

Watch this video here –

This one is my FAVOURITE!

This one!! Haha!

So, the actual trick is not taking a SELFIE but recording a video – We love this trick so much.

Even Anusha Dandekar copied him – Haha!

Karan Kundra Selfie Trick – So, are you going to try it? DO IT – ITS FUN.

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