It Is Final: Kapil Sharma Is Leaving TV!

Comedy Nights With Kapil is going off air from September and this news was confirmed by Kapil himself. After being signed by Yash Raj Films for a three-film deal, this was inevitable and actually a smart move by Kapil!

Comedy Nights With Kapil is going off-air from September!!

This is true guys and was confirmed by Kapil Sharma himself on his Twitter page. He posted, ‘Comedy nights is going off air from september.. V will come back with new characters n new set.. Till den.. Keep smiling 🙂’. This is indeed sad news for all his fans and followers who are now use to their bi-weekly dose of unlimited laughter.

However, even though he is leaving TV, it doesn’t mean that he is going away from our lives. Till the time he plans the second season of the show, he will be around to tickle our funny bone. He will visit us on the big screen with his Hindi film debut in Bank-Chor, being produced by Yash Raj Films! It is to give quality time to every future project he engages in, he had to take the painful decision of closing his hit TV project. One thing is for sure. The madness quotient will rise higher with Kapil’s movie debut. After all, his signature comedy style is sarcasm and impromptu slur, no matter who is at the receiving end. The same craziness when becomes part of a grand scale in a movie, it can only result in maddening laughter and total bizarre entertainment.

It must have been an incredible journey for Kapil to be coming from a small town and reaching where he has reached today. Not only has he made life funny for all of us, he has taken up a social cause as well. He single-handedly helped lots of anemic patients increase their blood-levels! Surprised? As it is said, laughter increases blood, isn’t it? “J”

Well, it is time for him to charge for his social services now and rightly so! Unlike TV, we will have to shell out some bucks to watch him on big screen which shouldn’t hurt anyone we guess. After all, getting a wholesome family entertainment is priceless. Now, whether we will get the promised entertainment or not, only time will tell. However, going by Kapil’s track record and his genius creative input in all his endeavors, it can be safely said that his movie will be a lot better than the crap served to us these days in the name of entertainment.

So guys, make sure you watch every episode of Comedy Nights henceforth and also arrange to get hold of a copy of all the episodes till date. These are gems and can work as miracle pills till you get to see your favorite comedian back on screen!

Laugh your way to big moolah and even bigger fame Kapil Sharma, and trust us, we are your loyal fans, and always there to cheer for you, today and forever!


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