I Don’t Want To Be Bigg Boss 8 Contestant! Do You?

Some celebrities declined the Bigg Boss 8 Contestant Offer. Let us find out who have better things in life to do.

So what if Bigg Boss 8 is going to be the “Show of The Year”!

Some celebs are not interested becoming a part of it. Well really!

Life is definitely treating them really well who declined the Bigg Boss 8 offer. For the reasons good, bad and ugly, we have many who had the audacity to do that.

Let us prepare an account of all these Warriors in Disguise. Who knows we might need this for the ultimate dooms day!

Jackie Shroff

Well, we do not really have a clear indication, yet some strong pointers say that Jackie dada was approached by Bigg Boss team to be an inmate and that too for a whopping 1 Crore! Our style bhai Jackie Sir candidly said that he would love to HOST THE SHOW! Why would he want to be an inmate? Well quite a point there! He might actually be a good host for the show…. Just contemplating! We do remember “India’s Magic Star” where he played the host, don’t we?

Shiney Ahuja

Of course yes. He has much better things to do in life after being convicted of raping his maid and sentenced to seven years of imprisonment by Mumbai Session Court, he is a grand celebrity already. Why would he need Bigg Boss 8. Well maybe Shiney, who is all set to shoot for his upcoming film Welcome Back (what a suggestive title) does not want his rape episode to become a laughing stock on national television. He declined!

Evelyn Sharma

Our darling bikini diva of the film Yariyaan who sizzled the screen with her song Pani Pani, refused to be an inmate of the Bigg Boss 8 house. Ask Why? She said she is claustrophobic and cannot remain detained in one closed place for that long. Hmmm…. Now we see the reasons to all those bikini and pool songs. Well we sure hope it is not about money, honey. All we can say is that this could have been your chance to get noticed by potential film-makers and of course Salman Khan.

Taslima Nasreen

Look who joined the “Decline Brigade” of Bigg Boss 8. Controversial writer Taslima Nasreen! Do you know that she has been recently granted a residential visa by the central government after a long tussle! She tweated about BB offer, “Colors TV called. Wants me in Bigg Boss.  I politely refused. Said, ‘u’ll get chance 2 show urslf 2 world & u’ll get money’. Then I impolitely refused.” While we are left to wonder whether it was a good choice or a bad one, Ms. Nasreen also revealed that though she has seen the reality show couple of times and found it entertaining, there is no way she will ever participate in it as it is not in “her range of interest”. Great!

Poonam Selfie Pandey

Well that’s how we love to call her for the semi nude selfies’ fever she keeps portraying on social platforms. Her claims to fame are all the controversies that she created out of her statements and semi nude pictures. It could have been Bigg Boss 8 too, had she not refused! She said a big NO. You know why? Because she wanted 3 Crores for the show! Come to think of it… a BIGG 3 CRORES! Producers said NO too.

Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh, the rapper, said NO! He is born to lead, not to be a part of the herd! So folks, he is not interested in becoming an inmate of the house. He is starting his own Singing Talent Show! He is not some awein kawein banda you see! It would have been a blast to have him on BB 8. Anyways… let’s wait for his show now.

Shama Sikander

Bigg Boss team approached her 5 times. She declined every time! She doesn’t like the format of the show. This Bhayankar Pari… (No no that’s not what we call her, that was her character in popular kiddie show Baal Veera), says, “I just can’t stand fights. My nature just does not fit the bill what is required to be in the house.” Well she candidly admits that though the money offered for the show was quite lucrative, she just cannot compromise on her peace of mind.

Sonarika Bhadoria

Godess Parvati and Adi Shakti of small screen, this beautiful TV actress of the popular show Devon Ke Dev – Mahadev, also said no to Bigg Boss 8. She says that she simply does not want to make her life a public property. She has a private life and media & public, has no right to it. Why would she demonstrate to the whole world that how she cooks and brushes her teeth, or how she looks when she gets up from the bed. No she doesn’t want to make a show out of all of that. BRAVO lady! We are with you on that!

So people, these are THE BRAVEHEARTS who displayed the nerves to SAY NO to the ULTIMATE CLAIM TO FAME of the PREVELANT AGES and declined the offer.

In our next show-up we will bring you a list of people who approached to be the contestants, but were DECLINED BY BIGG BOSS 8!

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