Quora User Recently Shared Some Honest Air Hostesses’ Confessions And You MUST Read It!

Honest Air Hostesses Confessions

Honest Air Hostesses Confessions – There are many secrets about certain jobs that we have no idea about.

But, Quora is a place where you can ask whatever job related question you want to, and there will be people answering it. Recently, same thing happened when a person asked a question related to air hostesses.

The question was “What are some honest air hostesses confessions? A Quora user “Ishrat Parveen, Cabin Crew” answered the question and here are the points that you shouldn’t ignore at all.

  • I’ve seen crew members taking a sip from a teacup or taking a bite from a passenger’s meal, before serving them to the passenger.
  • Crew members have sex in the sleeping bunks. (So I always put a blanket first and then sleep on it, those bunks have a history).
  • The temperature is usually colder after services because we want you to sleep.
  • Many times we do things for passengers by going out of the way which could get us an advisory letter.
  • We despise it when passengers say things such as, “My family is waiting for me!”, “I must be at home by that hour!” when there’s a delay. As if we don’t have a family to go to.
  • When a crew member tells you the food or item isn’t available on board, at times it’s just because they’re too lazy to get it for you.

There are many other Quora users who agreed to certain points e.g. the first one, and there are many other users who argued on the 5th point and it was quite obvious one to react.

Also, there were many people who gave certain explanations to points, and they were worth agreeing too. There are other Quora users who answered the question too. And just in case you want to read all the comments related to the answer mentioned above, click here.

This was all about Honest Air Hostesses Confessions given by a Quora user.

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