Nothing Can Be Better Than Your Favourite Celebrity Titillating Your Taste Buds!

Farah ki Daawat

We Indians love food!


We all love our daily morning Paranthas with butter or the Theplas or Idli-dosas and no matter how many times we have cooked it, a new person will always be around to tell us a new way of cooking the same dish. In such a scenario, it is not a surprise that another cookery show has been launched to cater to our taste buds and it is with a big twist!

Yes, we are talking about the new show on Colors, Farah Ki Daawat hosted by, as the name suggests, Farah Khan. This lady has been a choreographer, director, anchor, wife, mother and what not! There can be doubts about her talent in various roles she plays, but one thing is for sure that she is hugely talented and like a chameleon blends in with her environment and makes it her home.

Farah Khan Daawat with Alia Bhatt and Gautam Gulati

Farah Khan Daawat with Alia Bhatt and Gautam Gulati

Cookery shows normally talk about different recipes, but to find out the favourite dish of your favourite celebrity, from his own mouth and even learn how to make it is any fan’s dream come true. The basic concept of getting big Bollywood stars like Abhishek Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar etc to share their culinary skills with their fans is a novel idea and never been attempted before in the country. It is obvious the curiosity factor will make the sure a hit, at least in the beginning.

The first episode had Abhishek Bachchan sharing his views about food, his likes and dislikes and to watch him cook a dish would have been a treat for his fans.

Abhishek Bachchan  -  Farah Ki Daawat

Abhishek Bachchan – Farah Ki Daawat

Obviously there were a bit of hiccups as far as comfort and ease is concerned since it is not a talk show where they just sit and blabber about everything under the sun and the audience still finds it exciting to find these celebrities share their personal bits. To maintain audience’s interest even when you are chopping a vegetable or stirring something on the pot requires some skills. Won’t say that Abhishek failed, but there is room for improvement. May be other celebs will be more comfortable and smooth in their cooking-act!

As far as host Farah is concerned, she has proved her mettle as a judge on various shows and also recently hosted Bigg Boss Hall Bol. Her gift of the gab helps her to find way out of any tricky situation and bindaas attitude relates with the common man. No wonder, she is becoming a regular face on TV for all the big reality shows!

Let’s see which special dishes we get to make and eat in coming episodes.

It will be a delicious watch, we hope!

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