MTV Roadies To Be In Sanskrit From Next Season!

Esha Deol has replaced Raghu and Rajiv on MTV Roadies’ next season. She might promote her mom, Hema Malini’s political party, BJP’s agenda of promoting Sanskrit!

It’s time to queue up at book-stores and re-learn the language of our ancestors! Re-learn for those who learnt it in school.

For those who learnt any other foreign language, pull up your socks guys, you got to learn one of the most difficult languages of the world, Sanskrit!

Freaked out already?

Well, for the moment calm down. This is a distant possibility, but indeed a possibility the way things are moving around here. The reason we are saying is this because one of the most exciting and interesting TV reality game shows for the youth in this country, MTV Roadies, has just replaced its highly controversial, but equally fun-filled twin-brother hosts, Raghu and Rajiv!


Sad news, right?

What’s even more sad and shocking is that the channel has replaced them with one of the loser star-daughters of Bollywood, Esha Deol! She was supported ably by her mom, Hema Malini and dad, Dharmedra to make her mark in the industry, but with no talent, average looks, it is not surprising that her career ended without even starting. It would have been better that she continued her domesticated life with her husband and stayed away from lime-light, but we think there is a conspiracy by her BJP MP mother, Hema to use her to force her party’s ideas on the youth of this country!


As such the government is forcing government-run and private schools to stop teaching foreign languages and promote Sanskrit at their cost, it seems Esha’s role as the new host would be to make sure the contestants that are chosen in the show, either know the language or are willing to learn it. And guys, those of you who are thinking that Raghu-Rajiv already used lot of Sanskrit in the show, which was beeped out, they were only the cuss words folks, not Sanskrit!

Seriously speaking, it clearly looks like a case of favouritism where in the channel is promoting an actor as a host who didn’t have any fan following, who doesn’t have any great body of work and who has never been known to have a strong personality. She was always a star-daughter and nothing more than that. Then to grab such a prominent assignment clearly means that her mom pulled the strings and got her the job!

Now we are not so sure about the entertainment quotient of the show.

Can she fill the big shoes?

Would she be a mouth-piece of political agencies of the country on a show which doesn’t follow any politico-religious content?

No one knows, but the only hope is that the show maintains its uniqueness and kickass attitude that pulls lots of youngsters towards it season after season!

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