Drashti Dhami Finally Chooses The Best Role Of Her Life!

Drishti Dhami and Neeraj Khemka

Drashti Dhami: Remember her guys?

Well, yeah she is the same actress who did two super hit TV shows as the lead actress and then went on to do a dance show and finally ended up hosting the same show before getting a kick on her ass from the same show in which she was adjudged the winner!

Drishti Dhami

Drishti Dhami

Quite a happening career, isn’t it?

Well, seldom such celebrities come across who are more in the news for their off-screen acts rather than on-screen performances or talent. Drashti is definitely one of them.

No doubt she did win the hearts of audiences with her show Geet- Hui Sabse Parayi and then with Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. She garnered a massive fan following which helped her in winning the dance reality show, Jhalak Dikhla Ja. However, all this while she was in the news for either being a big tantrum queen on the sets or being linked up with her co-actors or causing abmarital rift in her co-star’s lives. Of course she denied it all, but it didn’t help the matter when she was thrown out of Jhalak Dikhla Ja for being one of the most boring and un-interesting hosts ever! That was the time which kind of sounded like the rock bottom in her career. And it’s been a while that she is seen in any new show on TV.

Madhubala - Indian TV Show

Madhubala – Indian TV Show

But the good news is that she is back in news and like how! Everyone is covering the news of her impending marriage to Neeraj Khemka whom she was dating for a long time, but kept denying it from the rooftops! Wondering why she did that if ultimately she had to settle down with the same fellow.

Anyways, the good thing about it is that finally she has chosen the role of a housewife for herself which is kind of justified as well. After being in the limelight for so long and doing various roles, it must have become obvious to her that she has a limited shelf life as an actor due to her limited acting abilities and practically zero improvisation skills (best example is her failure as a TV host which requires on the spot improvisation according to the situation!!). Given the influx of younger, more beautiful and much more talented actresses in the TV fiction space, it will be very difficult for her to get another show as a lead actress. And for sure she won’t do character roles just for the heck of it, right?

So in a way it is good that we as audience won’t have to bear her presence due to her pseudo-celebrity status and she won’t have to do projects which she feels are not doing justice to her (non-existing) talent!

For now, we would just like to wish her a very happy and love-filled married life! Live and let live!

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