Cry Babies Never Win Big Boss! Come On Sukirti, Think Of Something New!

Each year Bigg Boss has its set of contestants who add to the drama, ‘˜masala’, action, and romance on the show. But, every year there is also a bunch of crybabies. This formula of crocodile tears…

The Big Boss fanatics wait for 9 months for the next season of the show.

Every year they expect something new and the show undoubtedly meets their expectations.

We have some new twists & turns every season, which keeps the audiences glued to their television sets.

This season too, there is a new set-up and we are sure there is going to be a lot of excitement in store.

But, there is one thing that never changes. From last night’s episode, it is evident that this season too is going to have a bunch of crybabies!

Sukirti Kandpal has already got into the mode of shedding tears. Oh Commm ON girl, give us a break!

Aren’t we done with all the rona-dhona already! And this isn’t regular saas-bahu soap for God sake! And if all of it was just to charm Upen Patel, he already discarded the trick lady! He is a lot smarter than what you gauged of his naïveté he is portraying! Go for the handsome dude, we surely would love to see you romancing, but be a little more innovative, right?

Well, this is true that most of the women contestants of Bigg Boss reveal their weak side and shed crocodile tears to get the audiences’ sympathies. But, do they really think this trick works with the spectators? No, It does not!

If shedding tears had helped, we would have had Anita Advani winning Big Boss 7 who had tried hard to gain sympathy as an ‘abla naari’ and Aashka Goradia & Karishma Kotak winning Bigg Boss 6, who tried shedding tears at the drop of hat.

All the previous seasons have had their share of whiners.

So, Sukirti and the likes of her, you can surely do something better. Try something new and entertaining. We understand that you are trying to attract the TV channels to cast you in their next woman-oriented show, but how many of your predecessors have succeeded with this trick? None! How about trying some:

  • Hilarious twists!
  • Some action (well not literally)
  • Some funny pranks on the fellow contestants!
  • May be revealing the inner strength of a woman?

Do whatever, but stop being a sissy and attempt to show your tough side to the world. All the contestants who have won the earlier seasons have been very strong women, who had come with only one goal in mind – to win the title!

We heard Sukirti say that no one has ever shouted at her like this. The only advice that we have for her is, grow up girl. You are working in an industry that is so demanding and your delicate-darling attitude is going to take you nowhere.

We agree that the audiences watch the show for its ‘masala,’ which includes fights, drama, bitching, and more. But, we, as spectators are fed up with the girls that sob throughout the show. If you really want to exhibit this side of you, at least make it look more genuine or may be a bit more entertaining!

On a serious note, we also agree that women do have a softer side and they express their pain through tears. We would love to console our favorite star if she is hurt and the heart of most of the audiences would reach out to comfort her. But, we are not at all interested to see the old crocodile tears formula.

All the women contestants of Bigg Boss season 8, we hope that you would display your strength and make each woman watching you feel proud and make every man desire a strong woman like you!

What’s your say?

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