5 Things Our Indian TV Shows Must STOP Doing Like Right Now!

Concept Of Indian TV Shows

Concept Of Indian TV Shows – To be honest, our Indian TV shows are known to be a big joke nowadays.

Now, tell me, is there anything good left to talk about the TV shows? I don’t think that there is anything that can be called as “WOW”, “That’s so amazing”, “I’m gonna watch this TV serial till it ends” *Blah* *Blah*. Frankly, nowadays the youth oriented people prefer watching the online shows as compared to the serials on television.

You know, when I watch at-least two episodes of a TV serial, I can easily tell you what’s gonna happen in the next episode. I know that I’m not the only one who is so talented enough to figure out everything that is gonna happen in the entire serial. In reality, the basic same thing that they show on TV makes the viewers bored and disinterested. At one point, I guess even the main leads must be leaving the show because of its story.

Now, only if the Indian TV shows want to attract the youth audience, then they must seriously stop doing these things first. (High-time because it’s 2017 now)

Concept Of Indian TV Shows –

  1. Saas-Bahu-Drama

Oh God! Each and every-time a new serial comes on TV, there’s the same saas-bahu drama that warns people “Please don’t watch it”. Ugh, this must stop. No one wants to watch the saas-bahu drama anymore. You know, the saas is evil so she’ll try to do something with her daughter-in-law and blah blah.

I hope this thing takes a break forever.

  1. Characters turning into animals

Whoa! Hold on. If the youth wanted to see animals, then it’s but obvious that they’ll see “national geography”. Why so much drama dude? Firstly, a human turning into cockroaches or bees and stupid things is so damn hilarious. No one’s gonna believe it, so why waste your energy.

  1. Poor and Rich

There has to be this one on their storyline- Good and evil and Poor and rich. In most TV shows, Ladke wale are rich and Ladki wale are poor. But, then the poor and rich fall-in-love, and the rest you know, right?

  1. Male-Female lead hates each other and then they fall-in-love

Okay, we used to enjoy this one, but c’mon, let us breathe now. In every show, the leads will hate each other then they’ll fall-in-love. There’s certainly needed to be a new concept which is not just focused on Indian housewives but youths too.

Otherwise the TRP ratings are bound to go down.

  1. Appearances matter as compared to acting skills

They wake up wearing make-up, looking so damn beautiful etc etc. I think the TV serials are long-running advertisements. Have you noticed their sarees or jewellery? That’s it. These things are given more importance. So, it needs to be stopped now.

Concept Of Indian TV Shows  – The main point is that if you expect the youths to watch your serials, then ditch showing the above mentioned things in it. Honestly, even the youth oriented show “Roadies” is not the same anymore.

Anyways, I know that there are many things that you will like to add. So, leave a comment below.

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