Chetan Bhagat To Judge A Dance Show? Unbelievable!!!


We love reality shows!

Whether it is the baap of all, Bigg Boss or the routine song and dance reality shows which give a platform to the immense talent in our country from kids to adults, from girls to women, from singles to couples, as an audience we love watching them month after month, season after season.

No doubt, these shows are a welcome break from the teary soaps ruling the roost and help a complete family to spend evenings together, not to mention inspiring the coming generation to have new dreams and believe in them.

Given such a huge potential which these reality shows carry within, it becomes their responsibility as well to make sure that a right kind of message goes out to the audience. Right from the contestants’ selection, the production value, the honesty of the competition to the fair and transparent judgment of the acts, it is absolutely necessary that the highest possible standards are maintained.

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat

That is why it is shocking to know that Nach Baliye, a dance reality show produced by Ekta Kapoor for Star Plus, is in talks with Chetan Bhagat to be one of the judges! There is no doubt about the calibre of Chetan as a writer, but to think of him as a dance show judge? That’s actually crazy!! As a celebrity he can definitely attract eyeballs given his massive fan following, but is he trained and skilled enough to judge professional dancers? There have been host of celebrity judges on various shows, but they have all been either masters of their craft or they have judged shows which required objective opinions about the acts. For example, if Kirron Kher judged India’s Got Talent, it was not about any one particular talent, but talent in general based on certain pre-decided benchmarks and parameters.

Similarly, if Shilpa Shetty or Madhuri Dixit is made to judge a dance show, they are definitely qualified to do that given their long history of being associated with the art form and having proven their mettle.

What does Chetan Bhagat have to do with dancing except sitting on the fence and just passing remarks?

This is actually commercialization of a franchise without applying mind to it. Yes, TV shows are made to entertain and earn money as well, but then don’t lower the standards to earn a quick buck! The contestants may not be hard-core professionals and their career also may not be in the line of fire based on their performances in the show, but what kind of a message will the show give out?

The youth that watches such shows need to hear an expert comment on dance performance instead of some writer’s views who might just judge the act on his vague opinion!

Really hope that better sense prevails and the production house along with the channel finalize an expert celebrity rather than just a celebrity!

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