Bigg Boss’ Three Angels! Or Are These The Devils?

This story talks about three female contestants in the Bigg Boss house who come across too strong, dominating and always in a mode of planning and plotting. This season seems to be dedicated to women only.

There was a hit TV series in America in the 70’s by the name of Charlie’s Angels which was later adapted into a thoroughly entertaining movie by the same name in the year 2000.

It was about three kickass women working for an investigative agency who specialized in eradicating crime and criminals. The film starred Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu in pivotal roles and did a roaring business!

Now, this year’s Bigg Boss house also has three women contestants who can easily qualify to be the Bigg Boss’ Angels! However, they can also be termed as Bigg Boss’ Devils; depends on individual interpretation, you know!

We are talking about Karishma Tanna, Deepshika Nagpal and Minissha Lamba! Ahhh, we can imagine that sparkle in your eye with the smile growing bigger now. He He!

Anyways, we know what you are thinking. No, none of these are as hot, sexy and tempting as their counterparts in the Hollywood movie. But for sure, these girls have made other contestants’ life nearly hell in the Bigg Boss house. Not only others, but each others’ as well, as they tend to be in opposing teams. That’s the only striking part as most of the time they are pitted against each other. Otherwise, they are seen plotting some moves, planning weird strategies, screaming their lungs out, jumping all over, pouncing on mere mortals (read: other contestants) and kicking some ass in each and every task. Just think of it, if all three of them are in the same team, they would be simply invincible!

Given their shrewdness and cunning behaviours, slowly they are on the hit list of fellow contestants. While Karishma has already earned the title of most aggressive of all in a negative way, Minissha is sitting pretty with the crown of most selfish homie! About Deepshikha, well the authoritative senior citizen is drawing ire from house-mates for being preachy and dictator kinds!

That’s the reason we are not sure if these can be called angels or would the tile of devils suit them better. For the sake of discussion, Karishma does have the glamour quotient on her side which would still make her somewhat attractive to those who want to see the dark side of glamour. About the other potential candidates, less said the better!

Now, original Charlie’s Angels are used to doing good deeds and making the planet a better place to live. About Bigg Boss’ Angels or Devils, they are on a mission that oscillates between being good, bad and ugly!

Let’s see if these girls do something to be called true angels! We will try to manage with less glamour as long as we get to see some interesting entertainment from these three ladies. Or who knows, some other pretty girls in the house might dethrone them!

Its Bigg Boss house, anything can happen, anytime!

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