Bigg Boss Season 8 Winner Revealed!

Bigg Boss 8 winner – This story is speculative about the probable results of Bigg Boss season 8. Going by the dwindling numbers of female contestants, it seems like a male member will fin the show after many years!

Hold your breaths!

Get glued to your seats and be ready for the excitement!

What we are going to reveal is first-hand inside information!

Bigg Boss 8 is still going on, but this time the winner is revealed beforehand only. In fact, there is no need for anyone of you or us to seek the information from the channel or search for any scoops. The way show is going, it is obvious who eventually the winner will be.

Okay, to cut it short, let us tell you that after four long years of female domination in Bigg Boss, this year the winner is going to be finally a man!

Isn’t it exciting for all those men out there who were feeling sidelined after watching women like Shweta Tiwari, Juhi Parmar, Urvashi Dholakia and Gauhar Khan winning the coveted trophy year after year after year? And isn’t it obvious that as of today, no girl inside Bigg Boss house in this season is capable of winning it?

For guys yes, no matter what we say about female equality and feminism and giving them equal rights, a game is a game and has to be played in the right spirit. In previous season, men weren’t strong enough or intelligent enough to outplay female contestants. But this year, the guys might be eccentric or crazy or childish or whatever you may call it, at least they are strong contenders.

However, mind it, not all the guys deserve it. Only two, Upen Patel and Pritam Singh qualify to win the trophy, purely based on their intellect, sorted behaviour and the charm they exhibit while performing different tasks. Both are poles apart as individuals, but have some strong traits to win the trophy.

If we talk about other contestants, Arya Babbar is like a cry-baby. Gautam Gulati is brave, courageous, but weird. Praneet acts mature, but come across as a pretentious and over-smart man. Ali is more like a wannabe rather than winner material. About girls, what can we say? Diandra is into herself, Karishma doesn’t have her own brains and Sonali is female toned-down copy of Gautam!

Given these kind of contestants to compete with, only Pritam and Upen stand out with their distinct personalities to lead and finally win the show!

Will it happen or not, depends on how the show progresses and if Bigg Boss introduces more wild card entries in the coming episodes. However, none of the wild-card entries have been able to make much of a difference in the previous seasons, so we think the big fight in the Bigg Boss house is going to be between Pritam and Upen!

Well, we have shared the results with you guys!

Let’s see if the official result is different than ours or not! Keep watching and keep reading!

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