Bigg Boss 8: Is It A Yawn Fest Already Or We Wait For More?

We talk about how predictable the events in Bigg Boss have become. Even if it’s a scripted show, the makers should introduce some novelty factor in the execution rather than just making a new set!


Sorry guys, but when you just come out of a torture cell where you had to watch an entire episode of Bigg Boss 8 with its predictable fights, you can only yawn and say what the…!

Yes, yesterday was the beginning of the first major official fight of the season and if it’s any indication of things to come, someone please save us!!

So there is a task.

Then the contestants are divided into two rival groups.

After that the tussle begins to win the task and somehow or the other, one member of either of the teams crosses a line! All hell breaks loose! There is screaming, abusing, name-calling, oral-violence and what not! You name it and it happens there; thanks to Bigg Boss house rules, there is no physical violence.

And then, there is eerie silence for a while.

Suddenly every contestant’s inner elder or younger brother and sister get awakened from a deep slumber and takes centre stage. The morals and ethics are suddenly out in public just like oral-swords were out a few moments back. Blame game begins or everyone tries to show mirror to the erring contestant who is made to feel guilty as if he is a nipple-sucking baby who isn’t aware about right and wrong.

Finally the human being inside that contestant is brought to senses, tears start their free-flow just like urban drainages flow freely in our holy rivers and seas with the expectation that all sins will be washed. Apologies start falling like much-awaited but expected rains and soon air is cleared. Everything is forgotten in a few moments, till the next fight happens!

It all sounded so similar, right?

Of course, this is the script being followed to the ‘T’ in Bigg Boss house season after season. In yesterday’s episode, what happened between Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna was so obvious and predictable that all interest was lost even before Gautam’s testing of his vocal chords began.

Yeah, the dude can scream, but did someone check his IQ before sending him in, like they must have checked his 6-packs?

If someone would have done that, they would have known that the guy doesn’t know difference between showing anger and being actually angry to forget where to draw a line!

Anyways, we know in just a matter of couple episodes, both of them will be seen walking hand in hand like long lost bro-sis and may be will even bond together against some other common enemy!

Is this what Bigg Boss has come to be?

Come on now, even an unborn child can predict the events of the house now! Advice for the makers: We know it’s a scripted show, at least write a better script guys!!

Let’s hope we get some better entertainment in the coming episodes than the same rehashed one season after season after season!

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