5 Big Boss Contestants That We Can Never Forget

Big Boss Contestants

A lot of things happen in Big Boss and it is not easy for any of us to ignore them.

There is so much of drama and controversy in it, that it keeps us stuck to the TV. While some people love the violence and dramatic theme of this show, some just watch it to see the cat fights. Be that as it may, whatever Big Boss is, it is because of those contestants who came on it and left a mark that is too hard to remove.

Those contestants entertained us and disgusted us, but made us watch Big Boss every night. So, here’s to the 5 Big Boss contestants that we can never forget.

Big Boss Contestants – 

1. Nihita Biswas

Ex-wife of the infamous serial killer, Charles Shobhraj, Nihita Biswas created as much controversy as her husband. Drama and tragedy was combined in such a manner to her life, that even after being evicted in the first episode, she made headlines.

2. Dolly Bindra

I don’t know what was fitted inside that woman, but as soon as she walked into the Big Boss house, it was full of stupidity. Sometimes, it feels like her voice can be heard echoing all over the country when Big Boss is on.

Big Boss Contestants

3. KRK

How can you forget KRK? I mean this man who is nothing but nonsense was once a part of Big Boss and he was spreading as much shit there as he does in real life.

Big Boss Contestants

4. Veena Malik

The Pakistani queen of seduction became famous in India after she came in Big Boss. Her sultry attitude and hot avatars wrapped in controversies made her the queen of the show.

Big Boss Contestants

5. Rahul Mahajan

The reason why you have to bear Rahul Mahajan so much on the TV screens is because of Big Boss. He came there and spread so much of nonsense and controversies that TRP fell in love with him.

Big Boss Contestants

These are Big Boss Contestants that we never forget. All these people truly deserve an award to be able to survive in Big Boss and get just what everyone in there wants – FAME!

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