Alok ‘˜Sanskari’ Nath Joins Twitter; Poonam Pandey Goes ‘˜Sanskari’: What The Hell Is Going On!

Here we talk about Poonam Pandey’s latest tweet picture where she is trying to look all ‘˜Sanskari’ and pious but still shows deep cleavage! Publicity hounding actress tries to steal the show from Alok Nath who made his Twitter debut.

This has to be the mother of all publicity stunts!

Really, now-naked-now-not-naked model and wannabe actress Poonam Pandey doesn’t leave a single chance to get into limelight. This time she has tried to hop on to Alok ‘Sanskari’ Nath’s bandwagon for some instant publicity.

Alok Nath is the famous TV actor who recently got famous for his ‘Babuji’ jokes on Twitter which went viral in a matter of few hours! Suddenly this aged actor who has been playing those ‘good father’ roles for eternity came into focus for the values and ethics he propagates on-screen.

Today Aloknath made his debut on Twitter to get close to his younger lot of fans!

The attention-craving person that Poonam is, this was a golden opportunity that walked inside her door almost un-announced.

She, however, knows the art of milking every happening related to her life or better still, attaches herself to any and every happening event!

That is what she did here as well. She quickly changed into a ‘Sanskaribahu and wore a glittering bright green sari with some heavy traditional jewellery and got herself clicked!

She shared this picture on Twitter with a message for Alok Nath : ‘GR8 to see Sri @aloknath on Twitter. … Sir This is a Welcoming Pic for You #AloknathEffect’.

Not only this, she went on to post, First Day on Twitter of Sri @aloknath Made me Change my DP …. Lot more Sankars to Learn from Him #AloknathEffect’.

Isn’t this just a brilliant way to get noticed?

In the picture, the way she is holding her pallu, her eyes looking down out of shyness and respect for elders, does make her an ideal bahu. However, the amount of cleavage displayed, even though covered with some kind of a nau-lakha haar, makes us wonder: a ‘Sanskari’ bahu or a seductress bahu? After all, in which family is there a daughter-in-law who roams around covering her face but showing off her cleavage? Such titillating poses of a ‘Sanskari’ daughter-in-law can be found only in Poonam Pandey’s dictionary! One thing is for sure; all those bachelors would be fantasizing about getting such a wife; so what if their parents will kill them for getting home such a bahu!

Good publicity or bad publicity, it has surely brought Poonam Pandey in focus again. It was supposed to be Alok Nath’s day, but Poonam clearly stole the show with her crazy yet kind of funny act!

Let us see what she will do next! Something more  sexy or funny on the horizon? Bring it on Poonam, we are waiting!

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